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Godfrey Thorogood | Leadership Development Director

Staff Photos - GodfreyThorogoodI was born in Southampton, England. My parents decided to immigrate to Canada when I was four so I decided to come with them. I came to know Christ at age 10 through a local church picking me up on their Sunday School bus. After high school I attended Central Baptist Seminary in Toronto at age 17 and graduated in May 1982. Following graduation I served as a pastoral intern for 2 years in my home church in Georgetown (Maple Avenue Baptist Church). I have had the privilege of being a local church pastor in various roles for 29 years in churches in Markham, Hamilton, Cobourg, Ottawa and Midhurst. In October 2010, I began serving as Leadership Development Director for Feb Central. I have one wife and two children - Veronica (we have been married since September 1985), Josiah and Taleesha (both adults). My heart and passion is for the local church because God has raised up the church to spread the message of the Gospel and to equip followers of Jesus to become faithful and effective servants for Jesus. Passionate leaders in the local church cared enough about me to make sure I heard the Gospel and grew in my faith.

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