Ministries Leadership Development

Leadership Development

As one of the three ministry priorities for FEB Central, our heart and passion for leadership development is to see our local churches raise up and equip effective leaders who will:

  • Lead growing ministries within their own local church.
  • Invest their lives into preparing the next generation of passionate followers of Jesus.
  • Lead within our Region as senior/lead pastors of our churches.
  • Lead within our Region in staff positions in our churches.
  • Lead as church planters.
  • Lead around the world as career missionaries.
  • Love God, His church and the world.
  • Give everything in order to serve God's church.

We want to help your church raise up and equip effective leaders. We want to help you maximize the investment you are making in your church. We want to provide resources and opportunities to help you grow in your leadership so that you in turn can help others grow.
We are here to serve you and your church.

 Tim Strickland

Tim Strickland
Leadership Development Director

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