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Bethany Baptist Church

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[ph] 705-256-6145 [fax] 705-256-8464 [email] bethanybaptist@shaw.ca
1074 Second Line West, Sault Ste Marie ON P6A 1Y5

Calvary Baptist Church

[ph] 705-782-0598 [email] desbaratscalvarybaptist@gmail.com
P.O. Box 148, Desbarats ON P0R 1E0

Faith Baptist Church

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[ph] 705-248-2598 [email] info@faithbaptistechobay.ca
P.O. Box 250, 186 Lake Street North, Echo Bay ON P0S 1C0
Mtg at: 186 Lake Street North, Echo Bay ON P0S 1C0

First Baptist Church

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[ph] 705-253-8711 [fax] 705-253-7021 [email] info@fbc-ssm.org
465 Albert Street East, Sault Ste Marie ON P6A 2J9

Parkland Baptist Church

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[ph] 705-759-0035 [email] info@parklandinthesoo.ca
60 Melville Road, Sault Ste Marie ON P6A 5J3

Wawa Baptist Church

[ph] 705-856-4567 [email] mjpaquette@gmail.com
P.O. Box 1491, Wawa ON P0S 1K0
Mtg at: 323 Hardy Avenue, Wawa ON P0S 1K0
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Calvary Baptist Church

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[ph] 519-524-6445 [fax] 519-524-6445 [email] calvary@hurontel.on.ca
231 Bayfield Rd, Goderich ON N7A 3G5

Faith Baptist Church

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[ph] 519-509-1600 [fax] 519-323-0242 [email] church@faithbaptistmountforest.ca
485 King Street E, Mount Forest ON N0G 2L2

Fellowship Baptist church

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[ph] 705-445-6296 [fax] 705-445-1646 [email] admin@fbccol.ca
4436 County Rd 124, Collingwood ON L9Y 3Z1

Hepworth Baptist Church

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[ph] 519-935-2801 [fax] 519-935-2801 [email] hepworthbaptist@gmail.com
P.O. Box 125, Hepworth ON N0H 1P0
Mtg at: 159 Queen St. W., Hepworth ON N0H 1P0

Lighthouse Fellowship Baptist Church

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[ph] 519-396-3338 [email] lfbc@tnt21.com
83 Mahood Johnston Dr., Kincardine ON N2Z 3A2
Mtg at: 83 Manhood Johnston Dr., Kincardine ON N2Z 3A2

Markdale Baptist Church

[ph] 519-986-4372 [fax] 519-986-4372 [email] markdalebaptistchurch@hotmail.com
P.O. Box 73, Markdale ON N0C 1H0
Mtg at: 144 Lorne St., Markdale ON N0C 1H0

Olivet Baptist Church

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[ph] 519-538-2020 [fax] 519-538-2020 [email] sandramullin@olivet.online
55 Ivan St, Meaford ON N4L 1C8

Rock Mills Fellowship Baptist Church

[ph] 519-924-2322 [fax] 519-924-2322 [email] rockmills@xplornet.com
Side Road 35 @ Hwy 4 RR#1, Flesherton ON N0C 1E0
Mtg at: 314009 Sideroad 35, RR#1, Flesherton ON N0C 1E0

Saugeen Fellowship Baptist Church

[ph] 519-935-3038 [email] sbragg@hotmail.com
P. O. Box 1079, Southampton ON N0H 2L0
Mtg at: 696 French Bay, Southampton ON N0H 2L0

Shoreline Baptist Church

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[ph] 519-832-9390 [email] office@shorelinechurch.ca
910 Goderich Street, Port Elgin ON N0H 2C3

South End Fellowship Baptist Church

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[ph] 519-376-1550 [fax] 519-376-7295 [email] secretary@southendchurch.com
P. O. Box 160, Owen Sound ON N4K 5P3
Mtg at: 400 2nd Avenue South East, Owen Sound ON N4K 5P3

Victory Fellowship Baptist Church

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[ph] 519-364-4011 [email] info@vfbchanover.com
P.O. Box 20143, Hanover ON N4N 3T1
Mtg at: 033129 Grey Road 28, Hanover ON N4N 2J1
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Central Lake Ontario

Ajax Baptist Church

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[ph] 905-683-4802 [email] ajaxbaptist@rogers.com
56 Angus Drive, Ajax ON L1S 5C3

Bayfair Baptist Church

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[ph] 905-839-4621 [fax] 905-839-4622 [email] info@bayfairbaptist.ca
817 Kingston Road, Pickering ON L1V 1A9

Bowmanville Baptist Church

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[ph] 905-623-3000 [email] info@bowmanvillebaptist.org
2606 Concession Road 3 RR#1, Bowmanville ON L1C 3K2
Mtg at: 2606 Concession Road 3, Bowmanville ON L1C 3K2

Calvary Baptist Church

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[ph] 905-433-2960 [fax] 905-433-4734 [email] staff@calvary.on.ca
300 Rossland Street East, Oshawa ON L1G 2X1

Emmanuel Baptist Church

[ph] 905-432-7204 [email] apostlepaul56@hotmail.com
461 Phillip Murray Avenue, Oshawa ON L1J 1H6

Newcastle Fellowship Baptist Church

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[ph] 905-987-5549 [fax] 905-987-3006 [email] office@newcastlebaptist.ca
200 King Ave E, Newcastle ON L1B 1H5

Port Perry Baptist Church

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[ph] 905-985-8681 [fax] 905-985-4438 [email] office@portperrybaptist.ca
2210 Highway 7A, Port Perry ON L9L 1B4

Renaissance Baptist Church of Brooklin

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[ph] 905-655-4554 [email] johnblackman62@gmail.com
40 Vipond Rd, Brooklin ON L1M 1B3

The Bridge on Taunton

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[ph] 905-668-2508 [fax] 905-668-6953 [email] bridgeoffice@rogers.com
95 Taunton Rd East, Whitby ON L1R 3L3

The Family Christian Church

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[ph] 416-821-9873 [email] thefamilychurch@gmail.com
1550 Bayly Street Unit 39 A, Pickering ON L1W 3W1

Westney Heights Baptist Church

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[ph] 905-686-7782 [email] info@westney.ca
1201 Ravenscroft Rd, Ajax ON L1T 4K5
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Credit Valley

Bramalea Baptist Church

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[ph] 905-451-6088 [fax] 905-451-0072 [email] info@bramalea.org
9050 Dixie Road, Brampton ON L6S 1J3

Caledon Hills Fellowship Baptist Church

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[ph] 905-584-9525 [email] chfbc@on.aibn.com
PO Box 96 Stn., Caledon ON L7C 3L8
Mtg at: 16591 Airport Rd, Caledon ON L7C 2Y2

Chartwell @ Kerr

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[ph] 905-844-2801 [fax] 905-842-5776 [email] rich@gullrock.ca
228 Chartwell Road, Oakville ON L6J 3Z8
Mtg at: 484 Kerr Street, Oakville ON L6K 3Z8

Chartwell Baptist Church -

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[ph] 905-855-5001 [fax] 905-855-5006 [email] office@clarksonchurch.ca
1880 Lakeshore Rd, Mississauga ON L5J 1J7

Church of Hope - Brampton

[ph] 647-997-0957 [email] j_massaad@hotmail.com
1102 Cumming Blvd, Brampton ON L9T 6T6

City Centre Baptist Church

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[ph] 905-826-8581 [fax] 905-826-6317 [email] office@citycentrebaptist.ca
1075 Eglinton Ave. W, Mississauga ON L5V 2W3

Compass Community Church

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[ph] 519-941-4790 [fax] 519-941-9309 [email] office@thisiscompass.com
P.O. Box 86, Orangeville ON L9W 2Z5

Compass Community Church - Shelburne

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[ph] 519-925-3732 [email] jwagstaff@compassshelburne.com
P.O. Box 86, Orangeville ON L9W 2Z5
Mtg at: 150 Fourth Avenue, Shelburne ON L9V 3R5

Erin Mills Baptist Church

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[ph] 905-820-7777 [email] office@erinmillsbaptist.com
1991 South Millway, Mississauga ON L5L 1R4

Faith Baptist Church

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[ph] 905-842-0938 [fax] 905-842-9894 [email] office@faithoakville.ca
1415 Trafalgar Road, Oakville ON L6H 4R7

Faith Community Bible Fellowship

[ph] 905-825-1834 [email] jetdesigns@outlook.com
121 Vista Blvd, Mississauga ON L5M 1W1

God's Kingdom Fellowship

[ph] 519-654-9555 [email] luelsonbruce@gmail.com
4267 Sugerbush Rd, Mississauga ON L5B 2X6

Harmony Baptist Church

[ph] 905-449-5335 [email] omaidanora@hotmail.com
1640 Carmen Dr, Mississauga ON L5G 3Z1
Mtg at: 1640 Carmon Dr, Mississauga ON L5G 3Z1

Kenmuir Baptist Church

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[ph] 905-278-0212 [fax] 905-278-2331 [email] kenmuirbaptist@gmail.com
1640 Carmen Dr, Mississauga ON L5G 3Z1

Malton Baptist Church

[ph] 905-671-3313 [fax] 905-671-2353 [email] richardcesther@aol.com
3415 Etude Dr, Mississauga ON L4T 1T5

Maple Avenue Baptist Church

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[ph] 905-873-9211 [email] mabc@mabc.ca
177 Maple Ave, Georgetown ON L0R 1K0

Meadowvale Bible Baptist Church

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[ph] 905-826-4114 [fax] 905-567-5874 [email] kkennedy@meadowvalebiblebaptistchurch.org
2720 Gananoque Drive], Mississauga ON L5N 2R2
Mtg at: 2720 Gananoque Drive, Mississauga ON L5N 2R2

Milton Bible Church

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[ph] 905-876-3586 [fax] 905-876-3561 [email] admin@miltonbiblechurch.ca
121 Chisholm Drive, Milton ON L9T 4A6

Mississauga Family Baptist Church

[ph] 905-542-7524 [fax] 905-451-0207 [email] elinodelapaz@gmail.com
16 Falconer Dr Unit 1-3, Mississauga ON L5N 3M1

Peel International Baptist Church

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[ph] 905-793-2433 [email] timothycpenarroyo@yahoo.com
18 Automatic Rd Unit 16,17, Brampton ON L6V 5N5

Seekers Christian Fellowship

[ph] 905-921-0498 [fax] 905-267-0489 [email] info@scfellowship.org
1991 South Millway, Mississauga ON L5L 1R4

Streetsville Baptist Church

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[ph] 905-825-1834 [email] church@streetsvillebaptist.ca
121 Vista Blvd, Mississauga ON L5M 1W1

The Meadows Church

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[ph] 905-330-3920 [email] info@themeadowschurch.ca
P.O. Box 37, Mississauga ON L4W 2B7
Mtg at: Stephen Lewis Secondary School (Applewood wing) 3675 Thomas Street, Mississauga ON L5M 7E6
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Essex County

Campbell Baptist Church

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[ph] 519-254-2879 [fax] 519-254-2030 [email] cbc@campbellbaptist.org
1821 Wyandotte St West, Windsor ON N9B 1J4

Faith Community Church

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[ph] 519-250-5700 [email] faithccpastor@outlook.com
5265 Howard Ave, Windsor ON N9A 6Z6

Harrow Baptist Church

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[ph] 519-738-2275 [email] janet@harrowbaptistchurch.com
P.O. Box 721, Harrow ON
Mtg at: 2548 King Street East, Harrow ON N0R 1G0

Iglesia Bautista Hispana

[ph] 519-254-2879 [email] lunarymar@aol.com
c/o 1821 Wyandotte St W, Windsor ON N9B 1J4

Lighthouse Baptist Church

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[ph] 519-736-5852 [email] tajupp@gmail.com
266 King Street, Amherstburg ON N9V 2C6
Mtg at: 266 King Street, Amherstburg ON N9V 2C6

Northshore Community Church

[ph] 705-719-9287 [email] todd@northshorechurch.ca
P.O. BOX 478, Belle River ON N0R 1A0
Mtg at: 305 South Street, Belle River ON N0R 1A0

Philippine International Baptist Church

[ph] 519-984-7529 [email] p_aguilar03@yahoo.com
4300 St Clair Ave, Lasalle ON N9H 1G1

Philippine International Baptist Church -CP

[ph] 519-984-7529 [email] p_aguilar03@yahoo.com
33 Main St. W., Kingsville ON N9Y 2E8

Riverside Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-945-5410 [email] riverside@cogeco.net
8300 Little River Road, Windsor ON N8S 2B5

Walkerville Evangelical Baptist Church

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[ph] 519-256-1143 [fax] 519-256-1143 [email] gowebc@gmail.com
815 Windermere Road, Windsor ON N8Y 3E3
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Hamilton - Niagara

Bethel Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 905-682-9213 [fax] 905-682-9214 [email] office@bethelstcatharines.com
10 Arlington Avenue, St. Catharines ON L2P 3A4

Calvary Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 905-336-7332 [fax] 905-336-8824 [email] office@calvaryburlington.ca
2458 St Frances Drive, Burlington ON L7P 1V5

Elliott Heights Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 905-575-8303 [fax] 905-575-4996 [email] ehbc@rogers.com
1300 Fennell Ave E, Hamilton ON L8T 1T6

Flamborough Baptist Church

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[ph] 905-689-8476 [fax] 905-689-9421 [email] office@flambc.org
41 5th Concession Rd East, Waterdown ON L8B 1K4

Hamilton Filipino Baptist Church

[ph] 905-318-7808 [email] rudyyaponly@yahoo.com
c/o 115 Stanley Ave, Hamilton ON L8P 2L5

Harbour Fellowship Church

view site
[ph] 905-984-5500 [email] office@harbourfellowship.com
P. O. Box 30019, St. Catharines ON L2S 4A1
Mtg at: 51 SOUTH SERVICE ROAD, St. Catharines ON L2R 6P9

Heritage Fellowship Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 905-648-1103 [email] heritageancaster@gmail.com
557 Garner Rd W., Ancaster ON L9G 3K9

Hughson Street Baptist Church

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[ph] 905-527-3972 [email] office@hughson.ca
383 Hughson Street North, Hamilton ON L8L 4N2
Mtg at: Bennetto School 47 Simcoe Street East, Hamilton ON L8L 3N2

Lightway Church

view site
[ph] 289-933-3745 [email] office@lightwaychurch.ca
P.O. Box 36566 75 Centennial Pkwy N., Hamilton ON L8E 5B2
Mtg at: Lake Avenue Public School 157 Lake Ave North,, Hamilton ON L8E 1L5

New Life Community Church

view site
[ph] 289-455-2324 [email] office@newlifegrimsby.com
P.O. Box 382, Grimsby ON L3M 4H8
Mtg at: 18 Livingston Ave, Grimsby ON L3M 1K7

Primera Iglesia Bautista Hispana

view site
[ph] 905-975-1992 [email] ferzinna@hotmail.com
78 Dragoon Drive, Hamilton ON L9B 2E4
Mtg at: 47 Garside Ave N, Hamilton ON L9B 2E4

Romanian Baptist Church

[ph] 905-627-5440 [email] nmarkuc@gmail.com
130 Victoria Ave N, Hamilton ON L8L 5E5
Mtg at: 130 Victoria Ave N, Hamilton ON L8L 5E5

Rosedale Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 905-735-0788 [fax] 905-735-3460 [email] info@rosedalebaptistwelland.com
11 Rosedale Place, Welland ON L3B 1J2

Stanley Avenue Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 905-526-8745 [fax] 905-526-8977 [email] info@stanleyavenue.ca
115 Stanley Ave, Hamilton ON L8P 2L5

West Highland Fellowship Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 905-387-5385 [fax] 905-387-1685 [email] westhighland@westhighland.org
1605 Garth ST, Hamilton ON L9B 1X8

Westside Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 905-529-5756 [fax] 905-529-0040 [email] info@wbchamilton.com
261 Whitney Ave, Hamilton ON L8S 2G9
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James Bay

First Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 705-272-4927 [fax] 705-272-8574 [email] johngaucher@gmail.com
P.O.BOX 915, Cochrane ON P0L 1C0
Mtg at: 277 6th Ave, Cochrane ON P0L 1C0

First Baptist Church Timmins

view site
[ph] 705-264-0493 [fax] 705-267-6218 [email] admin@firstb.ca
P.O. Box 1210, Timmins ON P4N 7J5
Mtg at: 100 Second Avenue, Timmins ON P4N 7J5

Moosonee Baptist Church

[ph] 705-336-2394 [email] gwendellclark@hotmail.com
P.O. Box 244, Moosonee ON P0L 1Y0
Mtg at: 27 Wabun Road Moosonee, Moosonee ON P0L 1Y0

Northern Lights Baptist Church

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[ph] 705-262-4335 [email] ergo2@eastlink.ca
P.O. Box 535, Iroquois Falls ON P0K 1G0
Mtg at: 1294 Leroux Ave., Iroquois Falls ON P0K 1G0

Thornloe Crossroads Baptist Church

[ph] 705-563-8370 [fax] 705-563-8380 [email] dsedore@gmail.com
P. O. Box 48, Thornloe ON P0J 1S0
Mtg at: 9 Young Street, Thornloe ON P0J 1S0
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Cannington Baptist Church

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[ph] 705-432-2479 [email] canningtonbaptist@gmail.com
P.O. Box 345, Cannington ON L0E 1E0

Emmanuel Orillia

view site
[ph] 705-725-3017 [email] dave.whitelaw@emmanuelbarrie.org
300 Coldwater Road West, Orillia ON L3V 6X5

Fairview Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 705-324-6054 [fax] 705-324-6809 [email] fairview@bellnet.ca
1130 Colborne St. W., Lindsay ON K9V 3T5

Kinmount Baptist Church

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[ph] 705-488-3188 [email] kinmountbaptist@gmail.com
P.O. Box 255, Kinmount ON K0M 2A0
Mtg at: 4937 Monck Rd, Kinmount ON K0M 2A0

Little Britain Community Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 705-786-2200 [fax] 705-786-1057 [email] lbcbc@hotmail.com
P.O. Box 62, Little Britain ON K0M 2C0
Mtg at: 489 Eldon Road, Little Britain ON K0M 2C0

Pioneer Baptist Church

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[ph] 705-928-0249 [email] fogsix@xplornet.com
P.O. Box 119, Norland ON K0M 2L0
Mtg at: 7553 Hwy 35, Norland ON K0M 2L0

Port Bolster Baptist Churc

[ph] 705-437-3365 [email] noemail@noemail.com
C2145 Concession 14, Port Bolster ON L0E 1E0
Mtg at: C2145 Concession 14, Port Bolster ON L0E 1E0

Riverside Community Baptist Church

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[ph] 705-313-9688 [email] riversidecommunitybaptist@gmail.com
P. O. Box 1064, Peterborough ON K9J 7A9
Mtg at: 1040 Hilliard Street, Peterborough ON K9H 6M8

The Centre Community Church

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[ph] 705-879-8581 [email] info@thecentre.church
4 James St., Lindsay ON K9V 3B2
Mtg at: 70 William St S., Lindsay ON K9V 3A8

Trentside Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 705-887-3228 [fax] 705-887-3224 [email] chadmin@bellnet.ca
P.O. Box 250, Fenelon Falls ON K0M 1N0
Mtg at: 80 Colborne St, Fenelon Falls ON K0M 1N0

Trentside Baptist Church - Bobcaygeon

view site
[ph] 705-887-3228 [email] chadmin@bellnet.ca
Box 250, Fenelon Falls ON K0M 1N0
Mtg at: 25 King Street West, Bobcaygeon ON K0M 1A0
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Bluewater Baptist Church

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[ph] 519-339-9703 [fax] 519-339-9871 [email] office@bluewaterbaptist.ca
1256 Wellington Street, Sarnia ON N7S 5R5

Brigden Community Baptist Church

[ph] 519-864-4043 [email] selewis@rivernet.net
2389 Courtright Line, Brigden ON N0N 1B0

Community Fellowship Baptist Church

[ph] 519-627-8133 [email] cfbc@kent.net
1308 Elgin Street, Wallaceburg ON N8A 3E9

Emmanuel Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-351-2112 [fax] 519-351-5737 [email] amartin@ebcc.ca
100 McNaughton Ave W, Chatham ON N7L 1R3

Forward City Church - Chatham

view site
[ph] 519-350-0779 [email] info@forwardcity.ca
136 Morning Glory Lane, Chatham ON N7L 5S5
Mtg at: The Kiwanis Theatre at the Cultural Centre 75 William Street North, Chatham ON N7L 4L4

Huron Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-542-4581 [email] office@huronbaptistchurch.org
1285 Michigan Ave, Sarnia ON N7S 4M6

Lambton Baptist Church

[ph] 519-892-3340 [email] kevingmcglade@gmail.com
PO Box 40, Port Lambton ON N0P 2B0
Mtg at: 3886 Clair Pkwy St., Port Lambton ON N0P 2B0

Temple Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-542-1427 [fax] 519-542-9889 [email] choffice@templebaptist.com
1410 Quinn Drive, Sarnia ON N7S 6M8
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London & District

All4One biker Church

[ph] 519-613-7370 [email] All4OneBikerChurch@gmail.com
823 Blacksmith Street, London ON N6H 5R5

Bethel Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-245-2320 [fax] 519-245-0977 [email] info@bethelbaptistchurch.ca
264 Princess Street, Strathroy ON N7G 2S7

Chelsea Green Community Church

[ph] 519-520-2950 [email] peter@chelseagreen.church
52 Ada Street, London ON N

Compass Community Church

view site
[ph] 519-681-8121 [fax] 519-681-1316 [email] compasscommunitychurch@rogers.com
345 Pond Mills Road, London ON N5Z 3X7

Eastwood Fellowship Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-633-4131 [fax] 519-633-4131 [email] eastwoodoffice@gmail.com
400 Wellington Street, St. Thomas ON N5R 5T3

Emmanuel Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-235-2661 [fax] 519-235-1990 [email] office@myebc.ca
P.O. Box 555, Exeter ON N0M 1S6

Faith Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-633-0976 [fax] 519-633-6848 [email] office@path2faith.com
345 Fairview Avenue, St. Thomas ON N5R 6M7

Fingal Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-769-2205 [email] fingalbaptist@yahoo.ca
35778 Lanark St, Fingal ON N0L 1K0

Iglesia West Park en Espanola

view site
[ph] 519-471-4760 [email] mario.vaquedano@westpark.on.ca
955 Gainsborough Rd, London ON N6G 5C9

Knollwood Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-455-2090 [fax] 519-455-1537 [email] knollwoodbaptist@gmail.com
800 Cheapside St, London ON N5Y 3Y9

London Gospel Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-640-3550 [email] pastor@lgcon.ca
1541 Fanshawe Park Rd East, London ON N5X 3Z9

Memorial Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-271-2196 [fax] 519-271-9239 [email] memorial@safe-place.ca
113 Bruce Street, Stratford ON N5A 4A2

Oneida Fellowship Baptist Church

[ph] 519-652-3095 [email] noemail@noemail.com
1827 Fairgrounds Rd RR#2, Southwold ON N0L2G0

Pinery Baptist Church

[ph] 519-243-2144 [email] robertcl@safe-mail.net
8751 Lakeshore Road R.R. 1, Thedford ON N0M 2N0
Mtg at: 8751 Lakeshore Rd R.R. 1, Thedford ON N0M 2N0

Stoney Creek Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-457-7072 [fax] 519-457-0677 [email] office@stoneycreekbaptist.com
2225 Highbury Ave N., London ON N5X 4A4

Summerside Community Church

view site
[ph] 519-680-3541 [fax] 519-680-1020 [email] office@summersidechurch.ca
1447 Commissioners Road E., London ON N6M 1C6

West Park - Arabic Church Plant

[ph] 226-456-5202 [email] ashour.mamlouk@gmail.com
955 Gainsborough Road, London ON N6G 5C9

West Park Church

view site
[ph] 519-471-7460 [fax] 519-471-7435 [email] office@westpark.on.ca
955 Gainsborough Road, London ON N6G 5C9

Xiyuan Chinese Church Ministries (West Park)

view site
[ph] 519-471-7460 [email] office@westpark.on.ca
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North - Central

Arnstein Evangelical Baptist Church

[ph] 705-757-2182 [email] donandzala@gmail.com
P. O. Box 46, Arnstein ON P0H 1A0
Mtg at: 10690 HWY 522, Arnstein ON P0H 1A0

Calvary Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 705-869-5485 [email] cbcespanola@outlook.com
599 Barber St, Espanola ON P5E 1M9

Faith Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 705-789-2492 [fax] 705-789-3247 [email] info@faithmuskoka.ca
169 West Road, Huntsville ON P1H 1M7

Greenwood Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 705-474-0448 [fax] 705-478-6522 [email] contactus@greenwoodbaptist.ca
235 Albert Ave, North Bay ON P1B 7J6
Mtg at: 235 Albert Ave, North Bay ON P1B 7J6

Lansing Avenue Baptist Chapel

view site
[ph] 705-566-8588 [email] pastormark@lansingbaptist.com
1174 Lansing Avenue, Sudbury ON P3A 4C3

Lavigne Grace Baptist Church

[ph] 705-594-1812 [email] pastor-hurtubise@ontera.net
Box 419, Verner ON P0H 2M0
Mtg at: 2 Vercheres Street P.O. Box 419, Verner ON P0H 2M0

Parry Sound Fellowship Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 705-746-5154 [email] fbc@vianet.ca
138 William Street, Parry Sound ON P2A 1W2

Pinegrove @ Glenwood Chapel

view site
[ph] 705-765-7128 [fax] 705-765-7173 [email] pastormichael@pinegrovefellowship.com
R.R. 3, Port Carling ON P0B 1J0
Mtg at: 4060 Muskoka Road 118, Port Carling ON P0B 1J0

Pinegrove Fellowship Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 705-645-4771 [fax] 705-645-2526 [email] pinegrove@pinegrovefellowship.com
295 Taylor Road, Bracebridge ON P1L 1K1

Riverside Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 705-789-7249 [fax] 705-789-7249 [email] office@riversidebaptist.ca
11 Riverside Drive, Huntsville ON P1H 1R6
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North - West

First Baptist Church

[ph] 807-597-2088 [fax] 807-597-3377 [email] duncanadams@shaw.ca
P.O. Box 306, Atikokan ON P0T 1C0
Mtg at: 88 Maple Crescent, Atikokan ON P0T 1C0

Grace Baptist Church

[ph] 807-824-4697 [email] pastor.morgan@shaw.ca
P. O. Box 207, Schreiber ON P0T 2S0

Grace Baptist Church - Marathon

[ph] 807-823-0200 [email] pastor.morgan@shaw.ca
P. O. Box 207, Schreiber ON P0T 2S0
Mtg at: Marathon, Marathon ON P0T 2S0

Grace Bible Church - White River

[ph] 907-824-4697 [email] pastor.morgan@shaw.ca
P.O. Box 207, Schreiber ON P0T 2S0

O'Connor-Conmee Fellowship Baptist Church

[ph] 807-473-9362 [email] ocbc@tbaytel.net
3 Holomego Rd RR# 1, Kakabeka Falls ON P0T 1W0

Slate River Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 807-475-5140 [email] robjamescain@hotmail.com
80 McCluskey Dr. R.R.3, Thunder Bay ON P7C 4V2

Westfort Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 807-623-0021 [email] sandy@westfortbaptist.org
1219 Ford Street, Thunder Bay ON P7E 2B7
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Ottawa Valley

Alta Vista Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 613-733-7207 [fax] 613-733-1629 [email] office@altavistabaptist.org
887 Canterbury Avenue, Ottawa ON K1G 3A3

Brookside Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 613-591-3246 [fax] 613-591-3246 [email] hello@mybrookside.church
1078 Klondike Rd, Ottawa ON K2K 1X7

Calvary Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 613-623-4863 [fax] 613-623-8707 [email] calvary@bellnet.ca
156 Landrigan Street, Arnprior ON K7S 2S6

Calvary Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 613-735-5293 [email] calvarypembroke@gmail.com
567 Melton Street, Pembroke ON K8A 6Y3

Calvary Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 613-233-7213 [email] calvary@calvarybaptistchurch.ca
107 Main Street, Ottawa ON K1S 1B9

Community Fellowship Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 613-332-5773 [email] cfbcadmin@gmail.com
29754 Hwy 62 N RR 2, Bancroft ON K0L 1C0
Mtg at: 29754 Hwy 62 N rr2, Bancroft ON K0L 1C0

Eganville Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 613-628-2146 [email] info@eganvillebaptist.org
326 Bonnechere St W., Eganville ON K0J 1T0

Fellowship Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 613-938-2663 [fax] 613-938-2256 [email] fbc.cornwall@gmail.com
2 Helen Rd, Cornwall ON K6K 0A9

Greenbelt Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 613-742-8500 [fax] 613-742-4192 [email] office@greenbeltbaptist.com
839 Shefford Rd Suite 100, Ottawa ON K1J 9K8

Jesus Light of the World Arabic Evangelical Church

[ph] 613-894-3630 [email] pastor@aecottawa.com
c/o Souhail Samad 1052 Edmond Avenue, Ottawa ON K1G 2R1
Mtg at: 6309 Beausejour Drive 1052 Edmond Avenue, Ottawa ON K1C 3J6

Lyndock Baptist Church

[ph] 613-754-2011 [email] lyndockbaptist.church@gmail.com
2155 Quadevlle Road RR#2, Eganville ON K0J 1T0

Parkdale Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 613-729-4022 [email] parkdalebaptist@rogers.com
474 Parkdale Avenue, Ottawa ON K1Y 1H1

Primera Iglesia Bautista Hispana de Ottawa

[ph] 613-733-7207 [fax] 613-733-1629 [email] eufemio.ricardo@gmail.com
887 Canterbury Avenue, Ottawa ON K1G 3A3

Purdy Community Church

[ph] 613-756-0614 [email] joseph.barney@live.com
P.O. Box 70, Combermere ON K0J 1L0
Mtg at: 13 Centreview Rd, Combermere ON K0J 1L0

Trailhead Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 613-401-8841 [email] timmieroddick@gmail.com
567 Melton St, Pembroke ON K8A 6Y3
Mtg at: Valour School 19 Leeder Lane, Petawawa ON K8H 3H5
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Arabic Evangelical Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 514-594-2225 [email] nicolas.yasmine@gmail.com
3200 rue 5ieme, Montreal QC H7V 1M2

Bethel Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 514-332-5711 [email] bbc3060@yahoo.ca
3060 Cote-Vertu Blvd, Montreal QC H4R 1P8

Calvary Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 450-691-7828 [email] cbchurch@videotron.ca
215 Rue Mcleod, Montreal QC J6J 2H5
Mtg at: P.O. Box 47001, Montreal QC J6J 2H5

Chomedey Baptist Church

[ph] 450-681-4643 [email] chomedeybaptistchurch@videotron.ca
1225 blvd Elisabeth, Montreal QC H7W 3J7

Cowansville Community Church

[ph] 450-263-3397 [email] cowansvillebaptist@yahoo.ca
137 rue John, Cowansville QC J2K 1W9

Dalesville Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 450-331-6729 [email] buchananedmund@gmail.com
245 Dalesville Road Sud, Brownsburg Chatham QC J8G 1H3

First Filipino Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 514-375-5914 [email] info@ffbcm.org
6999, Chemin de la Cote des Neiges, Montreal QC H3S 2B8
Mtg at: 6999, Chemin de la Cote des Neige, Montreal QC H3S 2B8

Greenfield Park Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 450-676-1799 [fax] 450-676-1799 [email] churchoffice.gpbc@gmail.com
598 Bellevue North, Montreal QC J4V 1C8

Hudson Community Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 450-458-1945 [email] hcbc1@live.com
3141 Cote St-Charles, St-Lazare QC J2T 2H8

Lachute Baptist Church

[ph] 450-562-8352 [email] pastorleroux@yahoo.ca
45 Argenteuil Ave, Lachute QC J8H 1X6
Mtg at: 45 Ave Argenteuil, Lachute QC J8H 1X6

Sawyerville Baptist Church

[ph] 819-889-2819 [email] sawyervillebaptist.qc@gmail.com
33 rue Cookshire, Sawyerville QC J0B 3A0

Snowdon Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 514-486-9860 [fax] 514-486-6842 [email] info@snowdonbaptistchurch.com
5275 Earnscliffe Ave, Montreal QC H3X 2P7

Verdun-LaSalle Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 514-769-6051 [email] info@verdunlasallebaptistchurch.com
4750 Wellington Street, Montreal QC H4G 1X3

West Island Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 514-631-8644 [email] westislandbaptistchurch@gmail.com
298 Brookhaven Avenue, Montreal QC H9S 2N4
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Bay Park Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 613-389-2920 [fax] 613-389-3083 [email] office@baypark.ca
775 Progress Ave, Kingston ON K7M 6R8

Emmanuel Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 613-393-2234 [email] office@emmanuellife.com
P.O. Box 89, Bloomfield ON K0K 1G0
Mtg at: 240 Main St, Bloomfield ON K0K 2T0

Fellowship Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 905-372-8732 [fax] 905-372-6482 [email] info@cobourgfellowship.com
469 Elgin St W., Cobourg ON K9A 4X5

Havelock Fellowship Baptist Church

[ph] 705-778-2412 [fax] 705-778-2869 [email] sestabrooks@nexicom.net
P.O. Box 92, Havelock ON K0L 1Z0
Mtg at: 16 Union St, Havelock ON K0L 1Z0

Madoc Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 613-666-6522 [email] madocbaptistchurch@gmail.com
P.O. Box 854, Madoc ON K0K 2K0
Mtg at: 129 Elgin Street, Madoc ON K0K 2K0

Napanee Baptist Church

[ph] 613-345-4563 [email] dianamaeperry@gmail.com
291 Dundas St W, Napanee ON K7R 1J2

Olivet Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 613-273-2012 [email] olivet@rideau.net
P.O. Box 549, Westport ON K0G 1X0

Parkdale Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 613-968-5761 [fax] 613-968-2712 [email] pbc@parkdalebaptist.org
514 Sidney St, Belleville ON K8P 4A2
Mtg at: 514 Sidney St., Belleville ON K8P 4A2

Thousand Islands Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 613-342-9552 [email] tibc@bellnet.ca
P.O. Box 1356, Brockville ON K6V 5Y6
Mtg at: 229 Park Street, Brockville ON K6V 5Y6

Trenton Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 613-392-4596 [email] trentonbaptist@gmail.com
125 Dixon Dr, Trenton ON K8V 1W7
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South - Central

Boston Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-443-7344 [fax] 519-443-4337 [email] info@bostonbaptistchurch.com
2985 Cockshutt Rd R.R. 1, Waterford ON N0E 1Y0

Central Baptist Church Brantford

view site
[ph] 519-752-3778 [fax] 519-752-3304 [email] churchoffice@cbcbrantford.ca
300 Fairview Drive, Brantford ON N3R 2X6

Cobblestone Church

view site
[ph] 226-922-0453 [fax] 226-922-0453 [email] info@cobblestonechurch.ca
48 Abeles Avenue, Paris ON N3L 3N9
Mtg at: 48 Abeles Ave, Paris ON N3L 3N9

Faithway Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-421-2622 [email] faithway.office@gmail.com
576 Brant Street, Woodstock ON N4S 5J7
Mtg at: 576 Brant Street, Woodstock ON N4S 5J7

Fellowship Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-449-5315 [email] fellowship.baptist@bellnet.ca
P.O. Box 283, Burford ON N0E 1A0
Mtg at: 67 King Street, Burford ON N0E 1A0

Grace Baptist Church of Simcoe

view site
[ph] 519-426-6441 [email] pastormike@gracebaptistsimcoe.com
735 Norfolk Street North, Simcoe ON N3Y 3R6

Hartford Baptist Church

[ph] 519-443-6691 [email] abzd@silomail.com
2700 Regional Road 74 R. R. 1, Wilsonville ON N0E 1Z0

Huron Park Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-421-4722 [fax] 519-421-1868 [email] office@huronparkchurch.org
199 Berwick St, Woodstock ON N4S 7L6

Maranatha Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-442-6820 [fax] 519-442-1791 [email] shelley@mbcparis.ca
112 Scott Street, Paris ON N3L 3K4

North Broadway Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-688-5959 [fax] 519-688-3011 [email] office@northbroadwaychurch.ca
6 North Street E, Tillsonburg ON N4G 1B2

Otterville Baptist Church

[ph] 519-550-5818 [email] ottervillebaptistchurch@gmail.com
P.O. Box 236, Otterville ON N0J 1R0
Mtg at: 106 John Street North, Otterville ON N0J 1R0

Oxford Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-537-7612 [fax] 519-537-3844 [email] admin@oxfordbaptist.ca
278 Hunter St, Woodstock ON N4S 4E7

Pleasant Valley Community Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-752-5336 [email] terry@PleasantValleyChurch.com
P.O. Box 25005 West Brant, Brantford ON N3T 6K5
Mtg at: 5 Wade Ave, Brantford ON N3T 1W9

Rawdon Street Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-752-5853 [email] rsbc@rogers.com
258 Rawdon Street, Brantford ON N3S 6G6

Shenstone Memorial Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-756-2870 [email] shenstone@bellnet.ca
25 St. George St., Brantford ON N3R 1T9

Springfield Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-773-9889 [email] s_b_c@amtelecom.net
P. O. Box 116, Springfield ON N0L 2J0

Truth Community Church

view site
[ph] 519-285-2112 [email] pastorshawn484@yahoo.ca
P. O. Box 38, Thamesford ON N0M 2M0
Mtg at: 154978 15th Line, Thamesford ON N0M 2M0

Waterford Community Church

view site
[ph] 519-443-0485 [email] jsstaats@gmail.com
726 Thompson Road E, Waterford ON N0E 1Y0
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Chinese First Evangelical Baptist Church

[ph] 416-447-2507 [email] noemail@noemail.com
P.O. Box 145 Stn Don Mills, Toronto ON M3C 2R6
Mtg at: 1585 Yonge St, Toronto ON M4T 1Z9

Christ Almighty Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 416-267-8073 [fax] 416-267-6452 [email] info@cabctoronto.org
83 Commonwealth Avenue, Toronto ON M1K 4K4

Christie Street Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 416-536-0337 [email] drlenseepaul@rogers.com
177 Christie Street, Toronto ON M6G 3B5

Don Mills Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 416-446-0088 [fax] 416-446-6887 [email] will@dmbc.ca
99 Scarsdale Road, Toronto ON M3B 2R2

Dovercourt Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 416-536-4000 [fax] 416-536-6748 [email] admin@dovercourtbaptist.org
1140 Bloor Street West, Toronto ON M6H 4E6

Downsview Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 416-241-1681 [fax] 416-241-1681 [email] downsviewbaptistchurch@rogers.com
197 Downsview Ave, Toronto ON M3M 1E7

Ennerdale Road Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 416-787-5080 [fax] 416-787-5080 [email] erbchurch@yahoo.ca
228 Ennerdale Road, Toronto ON M6E 4E2

Faith Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 416-431-0095 [email] brobby@gmail.com
3837 Lawrence Ave East, Toronto ON M1G 1R2

Faith Baptist Church @ Willowdale

[ph] 647-874-9757 [email] torontofaith.org@gmail.com
15 Olive Ave, Toronto ON M2N 4N4
Mtg at: c/o Willowdale Baptist Church 15 Olive Ave, Toronto ON M3M 1E7

Fellowship Baptist Church Markham

view site
[ph] 905-470-9775 [fax] 905-470-4205 [email] fbcm@bellnet.ca
7478 Kennedy Road, Markham ON L3R 9S5

First Filipino - Scarborough

[ph] 416-534-4342 [email] garmacal@yahoo.com
382 Lippincott Street, Toronto ON M5S 2P7

First Filipino Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 416-534-4342 [fax] 416-534-5110 [email] ffbctoronto@bellnet.ca
382 Lippincott Street, Toronto ON M5S 2P7

Forward Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 416-699-7156 [fax] 416-699-7134 [email] info@forwardbaptist.com
1891 Gerrard Street East, Toronto ON M4L 2B9

Grace Baptist Church of Richmond Hill

view site
[ph] 905-737-4737 [fax] 905-737-4737 [email] admin@gracebc.ca
270 Weldrick road West, Richmond Hill ON L4C 3V3

Grace Bible Church International

view site
[ph] 416-724-9779 [fax] 647-531-6017 [email] gbci_church@yahoo.ca
2300 Lawrence Avenue East P. O. Box 80589, Toronto ON M1P 2R2
Mtg at: 1530 Birchmount Road Unit 7, Toronto ON M1J 2R2

Grace Fellowship Church

view site
[ph] 416-792-6080 [email] information@gfcto.com
28 Elmhurst Dr., Toronto ON M9W 2J5
Mtg at: Timothy Christian School 28 Elmhurst Dr., Toronto ON M9W 2J5

GracePoint Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 416-491-0193 [fax] 416-491-0491 [email] gracepointpastor@rogers.com
3161 Sheppard Avenue East, Toronto ON M1T 3J7

Iglesia Bautista Castellana

view site
[ph] 416-963-9073 [email] epiesco@rogers.com
46 Denison Road East, Toronto ON
Mtg at: 46, Toronto ON M9N-1B7

Immanuel Ministries International

[ph] 647-997-0957 [email] berniemanuel61@gmail.com
P. O. Box 80589, Toronto ON M1J 2R2
Mtg at: 1530 Birchmount Road Unit 7, Toronto ON M1J 2R2

Islington Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 416-236-8801 [email] tsriley@teksavvy.com
50 Royalavon Crescent, Toronto ON M9A 2E9

Liberty Grace Church

view site
[ph] 647-361-7669 [email] info@libertygrace.ca
P.O. Box 12 TOR STN C 117 Queen Street West, Toronto ON M6J 3M7
Mtg at: 25 Liberty Street, Toronto ON M6K 1A6

Living Hope Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 416-253-4500 [fax] 416-253-7005 [email] lhbc@rogers.com
66 Tenth Street, Toronto ON M8V 3G1

Long Branch Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 416-251-1525 [fax] 416-251-5386 [email] admin@longbranchbc.ca
3381 Lakeshore Blvd West, Toronto ON M8W 1N1

Maple Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 647-947-7679 [email] admin@maplebaptist.org
45 Langholm Dr, Toronto ON M3M 2R7
Mtg at: Northview Heights Secondary School, 550 Finch Ave., Maple ON M1R 1N6

Melrose Community Church

view site
[ph] 416-785-1980 [fax] 416-785-1981 [email] melrosechurch@yahoo.ca
375 Melrose Ave, Toronto ON M5M 1Z6

Morningstar Christian Fellowship

view site
[ph] 416-281-4138 [fax] 416-281-0860 [email] info@morningstarfellowship.ca
7601 Sheppard Avenue East, Toronto ON M1B 2Y7

Morningstar Christian Fellowship - Tapscott

view site
[ph] 416-281-4138 [email] info@morningstarfellowship.ca
31 Melford Dr Unit 2, Toronto ON M1B 2G6

Mosaic Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 416-825-5678 [email] info@mosaicbaptist.com
P.O. Box 71017, Newmarket ON L3Y 8S9
Mtg at: 40 Shields Court, Markham ON L3R 0M5

Mount Pleasant Road Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 416-481-7680 [email] church@mprbc.org
527 Mount Pleasant Road, Toronto ON M4S 2M4

Nashville Road Community Church

view site
[ph] 905-893-7277 [fax] 905-893-7377 [email] admin@nashvilleroad.ca
6950 Nashville Rd, Kleinburg ON L0J 1C0

New City Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 416-346-1688 [email] john@newcitybaptist.ca
918 Bathurst St, Toronto ON M5R 3G5

North Victory Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 647-770-0691 [email] info@northvictory.org
1067 Glencairn Ave., Toronto ON M6B 2B1

North York (Chinese) Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 416-223-3121 [fax] 416-223-6617 [email] bwong@nycbc.on.ca
675 Sheppard Ave East, Toronto ON M2K 1B6

Northminster Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 416-633-4021 [email] northminster@gmail.com
1725 Finch Avenue West, Toronto ON M3N 1M6

Oakwood Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 416-654-8020 [fax] 416-654-6648 [email] oakwoodb@interlog.com
421 Oakwood Ave, Toronto ON M6E 2W1

Queensway Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 416-251-6121 [fax] 416-251-2505 [email] qbc@rogers.com
950 Islington Ave, Toronto ON M8Z 4P6

Richmond Hill Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 905-884-3091 [email] rhbc@295.ca
50 Wright Street, Richmond Hill ON L4C 4A1

Richmond Hill Chinese Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 905-508-0901 [fax] 905-508-0252 [email] community@rhcbc.org
136 Hillsview Drive, Richmond Hill ON L4C 1T2

Richview Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 416-247-8701 [fax] 416-247-8703 [email] info@richview.org
1548 Kipling Ave, Toronto ON M9R 4A3

Rosewood Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 416-293-5552 [fax] 416-293-0322 [email] rbaptistchurch@yahoo.ca
2601 McNicoll Ave, Toronto ON M1V 5N8

Royal York Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 416-241-0441 [fax] 416-241-0441 [email] royalyorkbaptist@rogers.com
1520 Royal York, Toronto ON M9P 3B5

Scarborough Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 416-698-1973 [email] info@scarboroughbaptist.ca
1597 Kingston Road, Toronto ON M1N 1S3

Scarborough Family Christian Church

[ph] 416-754-2959 [email] deosuazo@rogers.com
43 Tinbury Place, Toronto ON M1B 1J7

Stone Bridge Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 647-219-7788 [email] contact@sbbc.org
P.O. Box 4039 9255 Woodbine Ave, Markham ON L6C 2Z8
Mtg at: Victoria Square United Church 10720 Victoria Square Blvd., Markham ON L6C 1H9

Thistletown Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 416-741-8060 [fax] 416-741-8065 [email] thistletownbc@gmail.com
2534 Kipling Ave, Toronto ON M9V 3A9

Toronto Immanuel Chinese Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 905-726-8099 [email] centraldesk@ticbc.org
50 Fouracre Way, Aurora ON L4G 7W7
Mtg at: 15 Library Lane, Unionville ON L3R 5C4

Unionville Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 905-479-0942 [fax] 905-479-6199 [email] secretary@unionvillebaptist.ca
243 Main Street, Unionville ON L3R 2H3

Waverley Road Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 416-694-3054 [email] wrbc@bell.net
129 Waverley Road, Toronto ON M4L 3T4

West Toronto Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 416-769-5237 [fax] 416-763-2045 [email] office@wtbchurch.com
3049 Dundas Street W, Toronto ON M6P 1Z5

Westminster Chapel at High Park

view site
[ph] 416-466-8819 [fax] 416-466-8802 [email] info@westminsterchapel.ca
9 Hewitt Ave, Toronto ON M6R 1Y4

Willowdale Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 416-225-8857 [fax] 416-225-2619 [email] info@willowdalebaptist.com
15 Olive Avenue, Toronto ON M2N 4N4

Wilmar Heights Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 416-757-5266 [fax] 416-757-3049 [email] whbc@wilmarheights.ca
1687 Victoria Park Avenue, Toronto ON M1R 1R7
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Waterloo - Wellington

Benton Street Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-745-3792 [fax] 519-745-3658 [email] office@bentonstreetbaptist.org
90 Benton Street, Kitchener ON N2G 3H4

Bethel Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-843-2890 [email] theoffice.bethel@gmail.com
P.O. Box 382, Fergus ON N1M 3E2
Mtg at: 675 Victoria Terrace, Fergus ON N1M 3E2

Calvary Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-824-1161 [fax] 519-824-1422 [email] info@calvaryguelph.com
454 Arkell Road, Puslinch ON N0B 2J0

Cedar Creek Community Church

view site
[ph] 519-624-8321 [email] karene@cedarcreekcc.ca
2042 Dumfries Road, Cambridge ON N1R 5S5

Central Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-744-0130 [email] centraloffice@central-baptist.ca
419 Mill St., Kitchener ON N2M 3R9
Mtg at: 358 Ottawa St. S., Kitchener ON N2M 3R9

Chin Baptist Church

[ph] 519-742-3008 [fax] 519-742-8009 [email] vankung_cbc@yahoo.ca
570 Stirling Ave S, Kitchener ON N2M 3J7

Church of the City

view site
[ph] 519-400-0348 [email] info@churchofthecity.ca
80 ALICE STREET, Guelph ON N1E 2Z8
Mtg at: 189 Water Street, Guelph ON N1G 2X5

Crestwicke Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-836-2132 [fax] 519-836-2139 [email] church@crestwicke.org
400 Speedvale Ave E, Guelph ON N1E 1N9

FEB Central Ministry Centre

view site
[ph] 519-654-9555 [email] admin@febcentral.ca
175 Holiday Inn Dr, Cambridge ON N2C 3T2

Fellowship Bible church

view site
[ph] 226-240-0895 [fax] 519-662-2448 [email] shawn.fbc.nh@gmail.com
150 Hamilton Rd, New Hamburg ON N3A 2K1

First Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-886-6530 [fax] 519-886-6530 [email] info@fbcwaterloo.com
306 Erb Street West, Waterloo ON N2L 1W3

Forward Church

view site
[ph] 519-621-6566 [fax] 519-740-0788 [email] forward@forwardchurch.ca
455 Myers Road, Cambridge ON N1R 5S2

Forward Church - Kitchener

view site
[ph] 519-621-6566 [email] derikf@forwardchurch.ca
c/o 455 Myers Road, Cambridge ON N1R 5S2
Mtg at: 600 Doon Village Rd, Kitchener ON N2P 2T9

Grand River Community Baptist Church

view site
[ph] 519-846-6683 [email] pastor@grcc.ca
P.O. Box 32, Elora ON N0B 1S0
Mtg at: 7438 Country Road 18, Elora ON N0B 1S0

Grandview Baptist Church

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[ph] 519-894-5513 [fax] 519-894-5512 [email] info@grandviewchurch.ca
250 Old Chicopee Dr, Kitchener ON N2A 4J2

Guelph Baptist Mission

[ph] 519-654-9555 [email] acadolin@yahoo.com
Guelph, Guelph ON
Mtg at: 683 Woolwich St, Guelph ON N1H 6H7

Hespeler Baptist Church

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[ph] 519-658-4220 [fax] 519-658-2748 [email] admin@hespelerbaptist.ca
76 Adam St, Cambridge ON N3C 2K5

Spanish Baptist Church

[ph] 519-570-4961 [email] porozco8915@gmail.com
56 Ross Avenue, Kitchener ON N2A 1V3

Temple Baptist Church

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[ph] 519-658-9001 [fax] 519-658-9821 [email] info@templebaptistchurch.ca
400 Holiday Inn Dr, Cambridge ON N3C 3T1
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York - Simcoe

Bradford Baptist Church

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[ph] 905-775-5700 [email] office@bbcweb.ca
3224-10th Sideroad RR#2, Bradford ON L3Z 3T8
Mtg at: 3224 10th Sideroad, Bradford ON L3Z 3T8

Churchill Community Church

[ph] 905-640-4704 [email] noemail@noemail.com
14 Ironwood Cr, Stouffville ON L4A 5S7

Emmanuel Baptist Church

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[ph] 705-728-3017 [fax] 705-728-8525 [email] contact@emmanuelbarrie.org
374 Salem Road, Barrie ON L9J 0C6

Faith Fellowship Baptist Church of Aurora

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[ph] 905-392-5219 [email] admin@faith-baptist-aurora.org
398 Old Bloomington Road, Aurora ON L4G 0M2
Mtg at: 56 Victoria Street, Aurora ON L4G 1R2

Grace Baptist Church

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[ph] 705-435-5686 [email] mike.thiessen@gracealliston.ca
354 Victoria Street East, Alliston ON L9R 1K3

Maple Hill Baptist Church

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[ph] 905-476-2541 [fax] 905-476-6080 [email] office@maplehillbaptist.org
215 Glenwoods Ave, Keswick ON L4P 2W6

New Life Fellowship Baptist Church

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[ph] 705-436-5413 [fax] 705-436-5771 [email] mainoffice@newlifebaptistchurch.ca
6881 Yonge Street, Innisfil ON L9S 4N7

Springvale Baptist Church

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[ph] 905-887-5651 [fax] 905-887-9281 [email] info@springvale.org
3885 Stouffville Road, Stouffville ON L4A 7X5

Victory Baptist Church

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[ph] 905-853-3418 [fax] 905-853-6076 [email] victory@victorybaptist.ca
UCPO Box 21502, Newmarket ON
Mtg at: 18408 Yonge Street, Newmarket ON L9N 8J1

Willow Creek Baptist Church

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[ph] 705-721-9536 [fax] 705-721-9328 [email] admin@willowbarrie.com
2387 Gill Road, Midhurst ON L9X 0L2

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