Ministries Church Planting


Church Planter Round Table Gatherings

The Round Table Gatherings are networking opportunities for planters and spouses to get together share, pray, be encouraged and equipped. These happen four times each year.


Church Planter Couples Retreat

The Church Planting Couples Retreat is a time for planters and their wives to come away over night and be refreshed. We like to call it a "Reset Button". Our goal is to help reset our love for God, our love for our spouse, and our love for the church.


Exponential Conference

Each year many FEB Central church planters head to Florida for the Exponential Conference. It is smorgasboard of church planting expertise and equipping. No matter where a church planter is at there seems to always be exactly what they need offered at this conference. You can learn more about it at


Church Planting Congress - Church Planting Canada

Every second year a Canadian National Church Planting Congress is held. Facilitated by Church Planting Canada this event involves many evangelical denominations learning and growing along side one another. In 2013 The Fellowship Baptist Churches in Canada had the largest group of church planters present. We look forward to this uniquely Canadian event.  You can learn more at