Ministries Leadership Development


  • Guided ministry experience through intentional internships in our local churches (2 years full time concurrent with theological education at Heritage College and Seminary and other schools).
  • Annual leadership conference.
  • Coaching of new pastors by seasoned pastors.
  • Developing strong Associations across our Region for support, encouragement, networking, seminars and resourcing for pastors, staff and local churches.
  • Assisting churches looking a senior pastor or staff person.
  • Assisting pastors in transition.
  • Annual pastor's conference.
  • Annual pastor's wives plus conference.
  • Ongoing leadership training and coaching for our youth pastors.
  • Women's Ministry Institute to train and equip women who give leadership to women's ministries in our churches.
  • Local church leadership development through: deacon/elder training; seminars and resources; disciple-making.