Ministries Church Planting

Parenting A Church

How can your church be engaged in parenting, partnering, or the multisite movement?


Churches that engage in parenting new churches provide the most effective and the lowest risk model for successful church planting. The emotional, spiritual, financial, and human resources that a parent church can offer are irreplaceable. It is FEB Central's vision to raise up a movement of churches that have their own vision, plan, and commitment to parenting new churches. FEB Central is an integral partner! Resources are available for any church interested in exploring the parenting vision.

Resources that might be helpful

Spin-Off Churches: How one church successfully plants another - by Tom Cheyney, Rodney Harrison & Don Overstreet
Parent Church Landmines: Ten mistakes a multiplying church should avoid - by Ben Ingebretson & Tom Nebel
Viral Churches: Helping church planters become movement makers - by Warren Bird & Ed Stetzer


Churches partnering together to plant a new church can be a very effective model for planting. Churches from an association or even just a couple of churches can partner together. They can share in the risk and in the resources. Together, they can do much more than they may be able to do alone. FEB Central can help in this process.

Multi-site Expansion

The multi-site model is gaining traction across the Fellowship. FEB Central Church Planting has affirmed the multi-site model as a recognized church planting strategy. FEB Central is able to assist your church in exploring this vision and method to impact other communities with the good news of Jesus.

Church Multiplication Centers

Churches that have the vision and capacity to multiply three or more new churches within a five-year period of time are considered church multiplication centers. FEB Central is committed to helping recruit, assess, train, coach, and help resource the church planters in these settings.