Ministries Church Planting

Pathway to Planting


Discover what FEB Central is all about and how we can serve you as a church planter.

Personal Interview

Time to really get to know each other in person. Together we will set a date and time to talk.

Planter Application

You'll be asked to fill out a church planter's application and provide six references. This helps us get a better picture of your church planting possibilities.


At FEB Central we believe that church planter assessment has been a key to our church planting success. The assessment helps us to get a clear picture of the planter's behavioural characteristics as they relate to church planting.


At this point there will be what we call and Expectations Interview. You'll have the opportunity to ask questions and together we will clarify what you can expect from FEB Central and what FEB Central expects of you.

Ministry Plan

You will be coached through the preparation of a detailed Ministry Plan. It will include the geographic area, target group and any specifics of the church planting proposal.

Formal Call to Plant

Following the acceptance of your Ministry Plan, FEB Central Church Planting will issue a formal call as a church planter.


Upon your acceptance of the call, your will be connected with a qualified church planting coach to help you and your team get moving. FEB Central will also provide you with strategic resources to help you in starting your new church ministry.

Raise Support

You and your team will raise both prayer and financial support. Your coach and FEB Central will assist you in this important process.

Plant a Church

FEB Central provides ongoing coaching and resources to church planters and their teams.

Church Planting Apprentice Application

Application for Church Plant Status 

Church Planter Application