Ministries Church Planting

Planter Training


The FEB Central church planters Greenhouse is a one day training opportunity for those who are new to church planting. In a sense it is view from 30,000 feet. You will get an overview of the pathway all the way from the dream to launch day. You will come away with some helpful insight and practical tools to get you on your way.

Urban Church Planter Training Centre

The Urban Church Planter Training Centre is a two-year training experience in the heart of the Toronto. It is designed as an engine to drive a perpetual movement of church planting in the city. Participants will take part in a learning cohort in which qualified leaders are developed with competencies required as a church planter in the GTA. During this time cohort members will:

  1. Be assigned to cooperating area churches to gain practical church experiences such as small group leadership, preaching, leadership etc. All this will take place with in the urban context.
  2. Complete a number of courses and attend workshops, conferences and seminars focusing on strategic areas of church planting.  
  3. Be assessed by church leadership for competencies and character  
  4. Design a church planting strategy for the urban context they are called to. 

Church Planter Incubator

In co-operation with C2C Network, FEB Central church planters from the urban centres are encouraged to be a part of the Urban Church Planting Incubator. This is a cohort of church planters networking together through the first two-years of their church planting experience. The curriculum is from Redeemer City to City and adapted to Canadian context.