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Great News About Heritage College and Seminary!




God has provided in many ways over the past years for Heritage College and Seminary and we rejoice with President Rick Reed and the staff as we report on the growth and stability that has been experienced in 2017!
At the College, the total number of students is 157, up by 10% over last year.  There are 22% more in the freshman class with the dorm headcount at 17% over budget.
The Seminary reports 237 students, which is 34% higher than last year, resulting in the highest credit hours in the history of the Seminary!  The Master of Divinity program has 34% more students, the Master of Theological Studies increased by 19% and the Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies has a headcount increase of 52% over last year.
Financially, Heritage has seen the mortgage reduced to under $700,000 from $2.74 million.  Praise the Lord for His abundant provision and His generous people!
There have been a number of campus improvements made over the summer, including a new Student Learning Centre, Chapel stage and lighting, a Recording Studio Suite, live video streaming in two classrooms, and last but not least, new shingles on Heritage’s Community Centre.
Pray for this school as it equips men and women for life and ministry – including many of our FEB Central leaders.

Bob Flemming
Regional Director