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Church Planting

Becoming a Church Planter

We are excited about individuals who are exploring church planting ministry. Below are the steps to becoming a church planter.


Our staff are here to help and all the information you need is right here. Please, utilize our website to discover FEB Central Church Planting, then email Tom or Darryl right away, even if you are still full of questions. We will get back to you promptly to set up a personal interview.


We will utilize your email inquiry to set a date and time to talk. As the director, Tom will meet with you. He likes to build relationships with each planter right out of the gates. You will enjoy this meeting. One Tom’s biggest strengths is being an encourager and he will take the time to really get to know you in person.


After your initial meeting with Tom, you’ll be asked to fill out a church planter's application and provide six references. This is really the first step for us. It gives us a detailed picture of your previous ministry experiences, your character, and your family.


Church planting is risky business, but experience shows that when a qualified church planter is fitted with the right environmental situation the likelihood of success is greatly enhanced. At FEB Central we believe that church planter assessment has been a key to our success because the process helps us determine whether now is the right time and this is the right place for you to enter into the arena of church planting.


Following the assessment, FEB Central Church Planting will provide important feedback which will translate into the issuing of a formal call to become a church planter or into advice for you to pursue another ministry.


Upon your acceptance of the call, you will go through our 4-day Greenhouse training where you develop a personal plan, a ministry plan, and a financial plan. After this you will be connected with a qualified church planting coach to help you and your team get moving. FEB Central will also provide you with strategic resources to help you in starting your new church ministry. This all fits under the umbrella of The Advance Church Planting Institute.


At this point, there will be an Expectations Interview. You'll have the opportunity to ask administration questions and together we will clarify what you can expect from FEB Central and what FEB Central expects of you. This is an equally important interview for those individuals or couples who are planting with the oversight of a mother church as we will also clarify how FEBCentral and the mother church interact together to coach you.


You will be coached through the preparation of a detailed Ministry Plan. It will include the geographic area, target group and any specifics of the church planting proposal.


You and your team will raise both prayer and financial support. Your coach and FEB Central will assist you in this important process. We believe that the fund raising process is an opportunity to help others join in the mission and to be faithful with their resources.


As the plant progresses, we provide ongoing coaching and resources to help you and your team. Our staff will advocate for you, celebrate with you, and be alongside you in the labours of your ministry.