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Church Planting

Parenting A Church

We encourage every church to get involved with church planting. One of the best ways to do this is to parent a church.  

Our vision is to inspire and facilitate a church planting movement within FEB Central so that every church is actively involved in church planting. We invite you into partnership because we believe that it’s biblical, historical, and strategic to do so. We wholeheartedly embrace the importance of kingdom partnerships.

Church planting is a risky business, but experience shows that when a qualified church planter is fitted with the right ministry environment the likelihood of success is greatly enhanced. By working with a supportive church as the other parent, the church planter decreases risk and increases the likelihood that the plant will succeed.

To learn more about parenting a church with FEB Central, download this PDF: 

Parenting A Church

For more information on becoming a MULTIPLYING CHURCH and to take the "Becoming A Level Five Multiplier Assessment" check out this link:

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