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Steve Adams | Church Ministry Consultant

Steve Adams

Steve Adams is excited to share with the FEB Central Region about a work that God has placed in his heart. He is launching a Canada-wide ministry to churches that will mobilize church leaders to a greater level of kingdom growth. Steve writes, “I have felt an increasing burden and interest in several areas which once again see me ministering TO the church and not simply IN the church.”
At FEB Central we recognize our need to enhance resourcing to our churches in the areas of Leadership Development and Church Health. For this reason, we are thrilled to announce that Steve Adams will be working part-time with FEB Central as a Ministry Consultant while he establishes his Canada-wide ministry. With FEB Central, Steve will assist our churches with training and mobilizing, and resourcing church leadership through workshops, seminars, and other training opportunities.

Click here for a short video to hear more about this ministry.

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