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Iranian Fellowship


Dear Pastors and Ministry Leaders, 

God is doing an intriguing work at Snowdon Baptist Church. Pastor Brent Dunbar writes, “Since December 2017, we have seen 19 Persian believers baptized, with more expressing interest. Each Thursday evening, the church hosts an Iranian fellowship time, featuring Bible study and mutual support, all in Farsi.”

Many who attend are new immigrants. Each week, Brent provides a sermon outline that is translated into Farsi. The church also offers ESL to help the attendees integrate into Canadian culture. Their deacon Majid works with another leader, Ben, to encourage the families to graft into the English side of Snowdon by attending the Sunday service.

Majid writes about an Iranian proverb: ‘The fish rots from the head’. That is to say, whatever will happen will start at the top and work its way down. For this ministry, prayer has been the topmost priority. Majid and Ben pray together for 20 minutes as they travel to work, five days per week. That is more than three hours of weekly prayer for the people and ministry! The effects have trickled down as men and women bring others out to the fellowship to learn and grow.

Snowdon Baptist Church recognizes that their church may not be the final stop for these Persian believers. If Iranian Christians come from other denominations, their church will assist in finding them a church better suited to them.

Iranian fellowships are also growing in churches such as those at Willowdale Baptist Church and First Baptist Church in Waterloo.

How can your church start to minister to those from other lands? Majid says: “Choose a country and pray.”

If you'd like more information on Snowdon's Iranian ministry, or to let them know you are praying, contact Brent Dunbar at 

Bob Flemming
Regional Director