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FLOODS - Opportunity for Hudson Community Baptist Church


Gary Karamanoukian, Pastor of Hudson Community Baptist Church (HCBC) near Montreal, saw the Lord work in amazing ways during the spring flooding near his community.  Samaritan’s Purse (SP) asked HCBC to be a host church for its disaster relief work.  HCBC agreed, and very soon, a logistics team had set up base.  They worked with the congregation and volunteers from Fellowship churches, as well as from other denominations.  A work force was developed to go into the areas of flooding to minister in very practical ways.
Gary, and Greg Schmidt, a SP Program Manager went to City Hall in Rigaud (a nearby community) to make themselves known.  They immediately met a couple, Mario and Claire, who looked completely defeated.  The men gave them the SP flyer with the emergency number to contact.

Shortly after, Gary went out with a crew to work on a house – it was Mario and Claire’s home. They greeted him and the crew with hugs and showed them where the waves were crashing through the balcony door, flooding their home. After two days of work, the workers autographed a leather Bible and gave it to Mario and Claire.  A relationship had been built.  Another man, Alistair, accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior through the chaplains who were part of the team.  
Gary knows of many more amazing testimonies resulting from the hands-on ministry in the community during this difficult time.  He feels that his church benefited from this opportunity to be vessels through whom God worked. The Lord produced amazing results and HCBC will continue to reach out if other disasters come.

Bob Flemming
Regional Director