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Exciting Days in Wawa and Cambridge



 Hespeler/Temple in Cambridge


In July, Wawa Baptist Church put on the first Vacation Bible School in many years – and it was a success! A total of 17 children ages 5 to 12 were in attendance throughout the week. The church was targeting a local co-op and also were able to include some of the town’s children. A Friday BBQ was hosted for parents and grandparents of the participants to showcase what the children accomplished during the week. All the volunteers as well as the free venue that was provided were really appreciated.  The children loved the songs, crafts, Bible stories, snacks, and games!
The church has moved to town to hold church services for several months this fall as a trial while their church building (10 minutes south of Wawa) is up for sale. Other future plans include a monthly kids club.  Wawa Baptist Church has exciting days ahead!
Summer 2017 at Temple Baptist Church was absolutely amazing! They ran 3 of their own camps and partnered with Hespeler Baptist Church for another. God's power and authority was shown many times throughout the weeks; it called for thunderstorms most of the days for the sports camp but not once did it rain on them! Three kids give their lives to Christ and the church is praying for their families and their own walk with Jesus. All in all, God graced them with four camps where they were able to spread His word throughout their community!  Praise the Lord!

Bob Flemming
Regional Director