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A Great Year At Faithway In Woodstock!


With great joy, the congregation of Faithway Baptist Church (Woodstock) officially opened their new church building on June 25th.  The previous building was only 23 years old but with a congregation of 200, it was bursting at the seams and the costs of renovating were too high.  So a building project began which would seat 400 and it was completed this spring. 
Faithway is actively reaching out to its city in many different ways such as Christianity Explored, door to door invitations, soccer camps, and more.
Another great outreach resulted from a visit in 2015 to Plessisville, QC when Faithway sent a group to help Pastor Fortin reach people there via the “Love Your Neighbour” program.  Since then, Faithway has introduced it to Woodstock and is finding it very successful for connecting with the community.  The church gets the word out that it is willing to assist with practical needs such as roofing, gardening, cutting lawns, painting, etc. and then the congregation responds to the requests!
Another outreach took place this summer when the church participated in the Woodstock Fair and Street Fest.  At both events, they handed out walking sticks to anyone who would answer the question “If you were to die tonight and stand before God, why would you say He should let you into heaven?”  Over 1,000 people were willing to answer the question and listen to the Gospel.   Follow up is still continuing with the contacts made.  Some people have come to church as a result of this outreach. 
Praise the Lord for the impact Faithway is having on Woodstock!

Bob Flemming
Regional Director