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West Park London has another language group!


Did you know that London, Ontario, has the largest population of Arabic-speaking people per capita in Canada?  With this in mind, FEB Central approached West Park in 2015 about adding an Arabic congregation to the church. 

West Park London’s DNA welcomes different language groups and makes them an integral part of the already diverse church.  Currently, there are 4 language groups – English, Chinese, Spanish and Arabic.  On any given Sunday, there are 4 congregations meeting in the building at the same time.  They are not separate churches and each language group shares the same vision and resources.
When the request came from FEB Central, West Park had some extra money on hand to help with the Syrian refugee situation but had not yet allocated it.  At the same time, Bethel Christian Reformed Church, Richmond Hill wanted to bring a family to Canada.  Bechara Karkafi, our FEB Central Church Planting Ambassador to the Arabic Community was aware of this situation and he was able to connect the church with a Syrian pastor and his family who wanted to come to Canada.
Thanks to the cooperation of Bethel CRC, FEB Central, and West Park, Pastor Mark Namourh and his family arrived in mid-July and are actively working in the Arabic ministry.  The church made some renovations to provide space for the Arabic congregation and currently there are about 20 adults attending services.
The official launch was this past weekend with an emphasis on prayer and celebration for how God has led in this latest addition to West Park.  Let’s pray for this church plant!

Bob Flemming
Regional Director