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The Gathering

During the month of December 2017, our FEB Central Youth Director Jeremy Best brought youth pastors together from across our region for a retreat. I've asked him to share about the experience so that you might be encouraged by how God is at work in FEB Central youth ministry.

Here is what Jeremy had to say:
From December 4th-6th, 18 youth pastors met together at the Leadership Studio at Muskoka Woods for The Gathering Youth Pastor’s Retreat.

Throughout the retreat we spent times in prayer and devotion lead by various attendees, did peer consulting where we helped each other work through current ministry challenges, indulged in the fantastic food at the Leadership Studio, and even found time for a dodgeball game against leadership from Power to Change who were at Muskoka Woods at the same time. The game was jokingly billed as “Para-church vs The Church - the final showdown!”

Here are a few of the comments from those who attended

“I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect.  I just knew I wanted to be there.  So it met my expectations and blew them out of the water.”

“I loved that this was not a conference with a keynote speaker, it was something different rather than more of the same that we get elsewhere. Time away from home needs to be worth it and this was... very helpful to get to know other youth pastors and to be encouraged and build each other up! Thanks for doing this!”

“I was expecting a simple time to relax and make connections, but God broke in and taught me a lot about myself in the short time we had there. It was really unexpected, and awesome!”

For me personally, this has been my favourite event that I’ve been a part of in my time with FEB Youth. Time spent connecting and supporting Youth Pastors is where my passion lies in this role. We have some amazing men and women serving the youth ministries in our churches and it was an absolute blessing to spend a few days away with them. Can’t wait till next year!

Jeremy Best


Bob Flemming
Regional Director