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Kingdom Builders


“If you are diligently doing discipleship, the church will be established.”
~ Pastor Luel Declarador

Pastor Luel Declarador started God’s Kingdom Fellowship in Mississauga with three people and a passion to see individuals have a vibrant and growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Three years later he believes that discipleship is not only vital to their growth, it is the cornerstone to their church and mission.
Luel knew that it would be difficult to establish a church without a strong core group, and this can take time. To help in the process he developed a system, Kingdom Builders Three, that focuses on multiplying disciples and disciplemakers on three levels:
  • Level 1: You are led (or discipled) by someone.
  • Level 2: You are leading, looking for three people to mentor or disciple.
  • Level 3: You are leading your three mentees in finding their own three people to disciple.
With this model, Luel has seen tremendous growth. God’s Kingdom Fellowship has already established four cell groups; Men, Women, Young People, and Couples. Their goal for 2020 is to have 140 members, all of whom are vigorous, strong disciplers who are seeking to build into the lives of others.
Luel wants to encourage his fellow church planters and pastors to work diligently to maintain a ‘go’ vision. “The work is outside our churches, and we must go into the world as Jesus commanded.” 
For more information on Kingdom Builders Three or to let Pastor Luel know you are praying the church, you can contact him at

Bob Flemming
Regional Director