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Toronto Biblical Counselling

As Pastors and leaders, we can be faced with complex and sometimes daunting issues from the people in our church. We love our church family and want to help them, but frankly we don’t always have the time or the expertise to support them in the ways they need.

Recently I had the opportunity to meet Brian Munnings, Director of Toronto Biblical Counselling based out of West Toronto Baptist Church. TBC offers gospel-centered biblical counselling to those who are in need of help.

TBC can support you in three strategic ways: Brian can work directly with you as a Pastor or leader to ensure you are leading from a place of spiritual and emotional health, he can counsel individuals from your church either in person or over Skype, and he can provide training seminars for your church leaders on topics relating to mental, emotional and spiritual health.
There are many great Christian biblical counselors out there. You may already refer your people to someone in your area, but what I appreciate about TBC is that it has a heart to partner with the local church to care for you as a leader, and to help you care for your people.

Pastors and leaders, if you need a safe place to talk about what’s on your heart, or if you are walking alongside someone whose needs go beyond what you feel qualified to handle, I suggest you reach out to Brian Munnings. He offers a no-charge 15-minute phone consultation. Let him help you as you serve the people in your church.

Bob Flemming
Regional Director