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Regional Conference Recap

Despite the snow, ice storms, and freezing rain that showered our area, our FEB Central Regional Conference had near record attendance this year.

Sam AllberrySam Allberry's topic of Jesus, Sexuality and the Good News of the Gospel was relevant and timely as increasing numbers of churches navigate the waters of gender identity and same-sex attraction. If you missed any of his sessions you can click here to access them. We also featured a panel discussion to address some common questions in the area of LGBTQ, and hosted four unique workshops designed to equip you as you serve in your church.

God is on the move in our Region, and I hope that you were encouraged as you heard Church Planting updates from Tom Haines, Darryl Dash, Bechara Karkafi, and Mike Thiessen, and had the opportunity to pray for the church planters. 

Our Conference was also a time of celebration. I had the opportunity to express our appreciation to Godfrey Thorogood, Bob Parks and Heather McKenzie for their service with our Region, and we warmly welcomed Tim Strickland as Leadership Development Director.

We are stronger together, and I'm so thankful that we had the opportunity to gather in Toronto this year to worship and pray together, and to build one another up.

A special thank you to Morningstar Christian Fellowship for being such generous and gracious hosts. 
Guided Prayer
Bob Flemming
Bob and Godfrey
Julianne August
Tom Haines
Bechara Karkafi

Bob Flemming
Regional Director