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Women's Ministry Institute

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Judy CairnsThis past weekend 25 women graduated from FEB Central's Women's Ministries Institute. Director Judy Cairns notes that this is the largest class to graduate to date, and she is encouraged by all that God has done in the program since it began more than 10 years ago.

FEB Central is thankful for the work of both Women's Ministries Institute (WMI) and Women's Ministry for their commitment to training women to serve God in their churches and community.

Women's Ministries Institute (WMI) offers Christian women the opportunity to expand their spiritual understanding, knowledge and leadership skills through in-class instruction, independent study, coaching pods and field practicum. Much of the graduation centred on the personal and spiritual growth of the women, with each graduate being challenged to continue to follow God's call to serve faithfully. 

WMI Graduating Class 2018

If you have a woman in your church who could benefit from WMI, why not forward them this email? They are now accepting applications for the class beginning September 2018. There is more information about the course online at

Bob Flemming
Regional Director