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Hospitality Key to Liberty Village Outreach


Dear Pastors and Ministry Leaders,

When Darryl and Charlene Dash moved into Liberty Village, they realized many of their neighbours valued preparing and eating great food, but for various reasons they didn't cook at home. They had the idea to connect with their neighbours using a community kitchen approach.

Community kitchens provide space and all the ingredients for people to come and prepare meals in a group setting. They feature simple recipes and ingredients that are easily assembled into meals to take home to reheat later. This “make and take” approach will allow Liberty Village to build community around food for the many people who don’t cook at home, or who eat their meals alone. 
After the meals are prepared the guests can choose to head home, or to stay and visit over coffee and snacks. With 2–3 people from the church present to intentionally begin forming relationships, the Liberty Village team hopes to create a place for conversations around faith and church.

Their plan is to test run the kitchen both on a weeknight and a Saturday afternoon to see which time works best. They’ll aim to run twice per month with help from a volunteer team, and gauge their success by the number of new, ongoing relationships that the members of our church make in the community.

Liberty Village is currently fundraising to purchase equipment and supplies; they have received $950 of their goal of $7500, and will launch the project once this money has been raised. 
I’m looking forward to seeing how this approach to outreach works for Liberty Village. I am sure they would appreciate your prayers as the project takes shape. You can drop Darryl Dash a note to let him know you are praying for him, and be sure to check in with their website to read further updates.

Bob Flemming
Regional Director