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EICC: Informing Faith, Reforming Culture

Last fall I had the privilege of touring EICC Centre for Reformational Culture in Grimsby, and hearing about how these new facilities will be used by the EICC to serve pastors and leaders in our region and beyond.

The Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity (EICC) began in 2009 out of Westminster Chapel in downtown Toronto. Pastor Joseph Boot had a desire to provide training in the area of Cultural Apologetics in order to promote the Christian worldview. Their long-term goal was to have a dedicated facility that would serve as a training location and ministry hub, and by God's grace they have seen this happen.

One facet of their work is the hosting of Leadership Symposiums. Pastors gather to hear a speaker who shares on a critical issue facing the church and community, then they brainstorm together about how best to meet the challenge. Another feature of the EICC is the Escarpment Lecture Series on Friday evenings throughout the year, with lectures and small group interactions centred on key topics for life and ministry. 

The EICC has also developed a number of programs for leaders and emerging leaders. This includes the Worldview Leadership League which equips students ages 14–18 to defend their faith and to apply God's Word to every part of their life. The Runner International Academy for ages 19–40 is a two-week summer residential training program to equip the next generation of Christian cultural leaders to understand their own lives through the lens of God's eternal Word. I'd encourage you to consider these sessions for yourself or to pass along the information to key individuals in your church.

At the heart of their work, the EICC seeks to be an effective resource to leaders and pastors. As tough questions surface in your church and ministry, you might find yourself at a loss with how to respond. The EICC can help to equip and resource you for the ministry God has given to you, so contact them today. 

To find out more about the EICC and its ministry, visit them online and sign up for their free monthly e-newsletter
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Bob Flemming
Regional Director

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