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Association Shepherds

We are grateful to God for the willingness of these experienced Pastors to serve as Association Shepherds - helping to encourage, support, and pray for our Pastors.

Their responsibilities include:

  • connecting with pastors, staff and families in your area
  • attending Association meetings, building relationships
  • encouraging the development & healthy functioning of Associations
  • brokering resources
  • assisting in reconciliation when invited

Pray for them as they voluntarily give of their time to this significant ministry. We are continuing to recruit more and expand their numbers.

Association Shepherd Photos - Eric WatsonBluewater

Pastor Eric Watson
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Association Shepherd Photos - Jack HannahCentral Lake Ontario

Pastor Jack Hannah
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Association Shepherd Photos - Paul Havercroft

Pastor Paul Havercroft
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Association Shepherd Photos - Doug BlairLambton-Kent 

Pastor Doug Blair
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 Rodger McCreadyLondon & DIstrict

Pastor Rodger McCready
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Don BrubacherNorth-Central

Pastor Don Brubacher
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Association Shepherd Photos - Piper - AlNorth-West

Pastor Al Piper
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Presseault Kevin
Ottawa Valley

Pastor Kevin Presseault
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Association Shepherd Photos - Gerow-TerryQuinte

Pastor Terry Gerow
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Association Shepherd Photos - Alan SilvesterSouth-Central

Pastor Alan Silvester
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Association Shepherd Photos - Barry DuguidToronto

Pastor Barry Duguid
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Rob MinerToronto

Pastor Rob Miner
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Association Shepherd Photos - Paul KerrYork-Simcoe

Pastor Paul Kerr
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Don Perkins
Pastor Don Perkins
Association Shepherd At Large

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