Resources For Pastors

Resources for Pastors

Pastor's Profile

The Pastor's Profile form must be downloaded, saved and then opened in Adobe Reader (the basic Adobe Reader program is available as a free download online at ). If you open and edit the form within a browser, you will have trouble saving your edits and submitting the form.

PLEASE save the blank form to your computer, fill it out, and then make sure you save it again once you have entered all of your responses. Manually attach the completed form to an email and send to: (the “Submit by Email” option at the top of the form does not work)

For Mac Users: If you are using a Mac, please open the attachment with Adobe Reader 9 or higher, NOT Preview.

Insurance and Pension Plans through The Fellowship

Fellowship Group Insurance Plan (Health Care Plan)

Fellowship Pension Plan


Code of Ethics

Fellowship Group Insurance Plan (Health Care Plan)

Fellowship Pension Plan

Ordination Council Questions

Ordination Procedures & Credentialing

Pastoral Interim Form

Pastoral Sabbatical Sample

Salary Guide

Stronger Together


Fellowship Healthcare and Pension plans
See the links below or contact Gwen Pifer at 519-821-4830 ex 229 or

Healthcare Plan

Pension Plan

Crest Leadership 

Clarity at midlife, so your second half is your best half.   Research indicates that those who invest intentionally in their life and leadership at midlife make their second half their best half. But it won't happen automatically.
Check us out: midlife and second half is our speciality. 

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Association Shepherd Photos - Kerith

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