Stronger Conference Media

Stronger Conference - September 26-28, 2022

Main Sessions:

General Session 1: Rick Buck - Spiritual Vitality, Eph. 6:18-20

General Session 2: Tim Strickland - Leadership Vitality, Judg. 4-5

General Session 3: Bob Flemming - Church Vitality, Ps. 122

General Session 4: Tom Haines - Missional Vitality, Ezek. 3


Tuesday Workshops:

The Pathway to Women in Ministry: Staying Out of the Ditches
- Rick & Jo Buck

Peacemaking: Aiming for Resolution and Avoiding Revolution - Bob Flemming

Vision to Multiply: From What Is to What Ought to Be - Tom Haines & Church Planting Team

Recruit, Train and Retain Volunteers - Kim Hutchins

The Gospel in Cyberspace: Preaching to Denizens of the Digital World - RJ Umandap

Building a Prevailing Team - Steve Adams


Your Next 5 Years - Marc Soto & Aaron Ottaway

How to Find and Develop Leaders - Tim Strickland

Stronger Together in Children's Ministry - Katherine Reyes, Diana Crosby & Angela Collins

Leading Effective Prayer Times - Tracey Steffens

Wednesday Workshops:

The Worship That God Is Seeking
- Jody Cross

Welcome & Integration - Andrew Hall

Ten Lessons That Will Shape the Way You Lead Small Groups - Kathy Butryn

Effective Speaking - Rick Reed

Leading Church Revitalization - David Carter, Nathan Klahsen, Jack Flietstra & Tim Strickland