Resources For Churches

For Churches


Assessment - Pastor and Board Assessment
Child and Youth Protection - Reducing the Risk (Brokerforce Insurance)
Christian Workers' Certificate Application Form
Church Consultation Overview
Church Recognition Procedures and Requirements
Constitution - Template Baptist Church
Gender In Leadership Position Statement
Induction Service Exchange of Commitments
Induction Service Suggested Order
Interim - Contract Draft for Interim
Morally Fallen Personnel - FEBcentral Policy
Ministry Resources Booklet- FEBcentral
Ordination Procedures and Credentialing
Ordination Council Questions
Pastoral Search Committee Presentation
Recognition of Church - Procedures and Requirements - see Church Recognition
Recognition Council - Sample Letter for Calling Recognition Council
Recognition - Ministry Personnel Recognition Policy - FEB Central
Roberts Rules of Order Secretary Responsibilities
Search Committee - see Pastoral Search
Salary grid - Suggested for FEB Central churches
Stronger Together

Insurance and Pension Plans through The Fellowship
See the links below or contact Gwen Pifer at 519-821-4830 ex 229 or

Healthcare PlanFellowship Group Insurance Plan (Health Care Plan)

Pension PlanFellowship Pension Plan


Path Forward for Church Incorporation
Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, 2009
Maintaining Charitable Status (rc206-e)
Creating a Not-for-profit Corporation
FEB Central General Operating By-Law Number No. 2

To help with meeting the standards, the best materials are offered free by Christian Horizons. Go to and click on “for churches”, then click on accessibility.

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act

As you may be aware, on January 1, 2012, Churches who have at least one employee were required to be compliant with the 'Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act' (the "AODA"). To assist your member Churches with an understanding of AODA requirements and their ability to comply with same, please find attached the following:

Memo by Carol VandenHoek, B.Sc., LL.M. on AODA requirements;
Church Board Policy on Disabilities (Template);
Short Form Version Church Policy; and
Long Form Version Church Policy.