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Brookside Community Day


Dear Pastors and Ministry Leaders,

One of the things I'm encouraged by as I travel our Region is churches who are looking at the changing demographics of their community and wondering how they can make connections. Brookside Baptist Church in Kanata, ON is one church that put a new spin on an old event, yielding big results. 

In the summer of 2017 Brookside held an outdoor Sunday service with the purpose of giving first-time guests a relaxed way to experience a church service. As they reflected on the event, they wondered if there might be a better way to meet more people, and to get the word out about their church.

This year they chose instead to host a Block Party on a Saturday afternoon, and included a BBQ, face painting, pony rides, a petting zoo and more. The result? The church estimates that 370 guests came, many of whom had never attended a Brookside event!

Julie MacRobbie, Outreach Team Leader, feels that having a focused strategy was key. "When we are strategic about meeting the needs of the people," Julie says, "they will respond."

Through the Block Party a woman and her daughter have signed up for a small group to learn more about Jesus and the love that compels the church to serve in His Name.

Brookside Cotton Candy"A Sunday service doesn't have to be your guests' first experience with your church," says Julie, "and opening the Scriptures with someone doesn't have to be your church's only type of evangelism."

What are some of the things that your church is doing to meet the changing demographics of your community? I'd love to hear about them. Send me an email and let's talk!

Bob Flemming
Regional Director