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Reflecting on 2018 we resonate with the psalmist’s words in
Psalm 147:5; “Great is our Lord and mighty in power.”
Examples of His greatness have abounded. We had unique times
of encouragement and spiritual enrichment at last year’s regional
and pastors’ conference with Sam Allberry and Sandy Willson.

We have been enhanced in our effectiveness with two staff
members. Tim Strickland, who transitioned in as our new
Leadership Development Director, and Mike Thiessen, who
transitioned to full-time Associate Church Planting Director. We
thank God for their giftedness that so beautifully complements our
mission. We were blessed to see 8 church plants come ‘full circle’
and be recognized as established churches. We’ve been thrilled
and deeply grateful to see, once again, growth in our donation
income. Stronger Together donations totaled $796,063.00 from
184 churches – that’s up $95,768.00 from last year. Donations
from individuals and businesses were also up $80,978.00 over
last year. Of course, in addition to these, the Lord orchestrated
many more life impacting highlights through ministries such as
FEB Youth, WMI, Women’s Ministries, Church Planting,
Revitalization networks, consultations, internships, and key
equipping events - just to name a few! I’m grateful for our staff’s
commitment and selfless devotion – they truly are a wonderful team.

On a personal note, I experienced the Lord’s power refreshing me
both physically and spiritually, as I was able to take a sabbatical
last summer. The implementation by our board of a sabbatical
policy, for which we thank God, will for years, continue to enhance
our staff and multiply their effectiveness.

Your active participation is bearing much fruit and because the
Lord is great and mighty in power, we anticipate even greater
advancement in the days to come.

Bob Flemming

FEB Central Regional Director