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I want to commend to you AGORA Network Ministries, and Directors Allan and Bonnie Gallant. Many of you know Allan as one of our Fellowship pastors working in the Hamilton-Niagara region of Ontario. On July 7, 2017 Allan’s life changed forever when he suffered a stroke, affecting his ability to speak and to preach. While Allan was in hospital recovering from the stroke and his own struggle with depression, God ignited in him a passion to do something about the stigma and brokenness surrounding mental health.
We’ve heard the stats: 63% of pastors and church leaders experience burnout. This weighs heavily on my mind and on the minds of those who care for pastors in our Region. AGORA Network Ministries wants to educate, equip and engage churches about the issues surrounding mental health so that our leaders and congregations can be served well.
Educate: Let’s start the conversation. Through sharing of his stories and the stories of others, we can remove the stigma of mental health so that healing can happen.
Equip: AGORA Network Ministry hosts seminars and groups, or one-on-one sessions, to examine what mental health is and isn’t, what the next steps might be, and how to take them.
Engage: By partnering with Mental Health Grace Alliance and using their material, AGORA Network Ministries can strike a balance between the biblical and the clinical, and put a plan into action to head off or heal from burnout or other mental illnesses.
Allan Gallant says, “There is hope. We just have to stop suffering in silence, because things can change.”
If you want to invite Allan and Bonnie Gallant and AGORA Network Ministries to your church, contact him today at
For information on the ministry and how you can partner with them, visit them online at

Bob Flemming, 
Regional Director, FEB Central