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Fruitful Boughs Broken

Servants of God in ministry experience failure – this was true in biblical times and is still a reality today. Glenn Taylor has written a book titled, Fruitful Boughs Broken, where he addresses the issue of discipline, redemption and prevention with respect to failure.

In Glenn's book we read how Abraham, Elijah, David, Peter and many other servants of God experienced failure while still being fruitful. An important observation from Fruitful Boughs Broken is that God never abandoned faithful servants when they failed. This is true of God and should be true of us – we also should not abandon wounded pastors.

We know that failure in ministry is a complex issue, encompassing the experiences of the pastor from childhood through schooling and into involvement in their church communities. So focusing merely on personal sin or shortcomings while not acknowledging the other contributing elements is not helpful. 

Pick up a copy of the book this summer and read about practices and policies that can lead to prevention, and how healing, redemption and restoration is the biblical approach to failure. The hardcopy of the book is available directly from Glenn Taylor for $20.00 (including shipping); Digital copies available from retailers such as

To order your copy, visit or email Glenn at

Bob Flemming, 
Regional Director, FEB Central