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Bramalea Baptist Church opened the doors to their new additions

Dear Pastors and Ministry Leaders, 

On Thanksgiving weekend 2019, Bramalea Baptist Church opened the doors to their new additions: a college-sized gym, new atrium, and renovated ministry classrooms. 

Pastor Steve Sheane and his team started the process in 2016 after attending a meeting with the mayor regarding urban renewal. This group noted that their community had little in the way of athletics for teens and young adults. A gym had been in the back of their minds at Bramalea for some time, but now the church began to consider its potential more seriously.

Despite delays and additional expenses, construction began on the new gym and atrium. The original church building from the 1970s was being used as a daycare centre so the church chose to integrate that building into the renovation project to increase their functional space at a lower cost than it would be if they were to build from scratch.
One of the lessons they learned along the way was the importance of faith. Not just faith for what God can do tomorrow, but faith in what God had already done among them. When roadblocks to construction appeared and vision had grown a bit dim, and it seemed that the project might not happen, the church was called to remember the strong faith of the people in their past. In the 1970s when Pastor Stuart Silvester asked to buy the land at the corner of Queen and Dixie, the developer laughed at him! But teams of people came to walk the land and pray over it, and one day the developer came to Stu and told him that the property had become available, and it was his if he still wanted it. What if those prayer warriors had not had the conviction to pray and trust God for the outcome? Then in the 1980s when they were bursting at the seams, but interest rates were so high that the church could not get a loan. At that time their church family sacrificially gave and even refinanced their homes to finance a new building. What if those in the past had not had the strong faith that God was going to work through their sacrifice? Pastor Steve reminded the church that God had been at work and God would be at work, as long as they trusted Him for the future.
Since opening the new facilities in October, there has been a lot of interest in their neighbourhood. At a recent church function, some young adults showed up at the church wanting to “join the league” at the “community centre”. This has been a good opportunity to talk to their neighbours about who they are as a church and what they believe. They hope that the increased space will allow them to serve their community for many years, and the facility will lead to new relationships being built with their neighbours.

What about your church? What has God done in the past that causes you to trust Him for what He can do tomorrow? He might be calling you to more seriously consider a renovation, a new ministry, or some other God-sized dream. 

Bob Flemming
Regional Director