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Thank You Jenn Martin

Thank You Jenn Martin
Jenn MartinI wanted to take a moment and express my deep appreciation to Jenn Martin, who served as FEB Central's Women's Ministry Director since 2013. Jenn stepped down from her role earlier this year to focus on her next season of ministry to women, but on behalf of our Region I wanted to highlight some of the work that she has done in our churches. 

During her time with FEB Central, Jenn worked to have leaders give greater attention to the spiritual maturity, discipleship and discernment of the women within their churches. She provided consultations with Pastors and churches to improve the overall health of their women's ministries and to significantly increase their impact of ministry to women. 

Jenn also facilitated workshops around our Region to give women the opportunity to connect and to grow together in their understanding and application of God's Word. 

Jenn Martin has said, "In my time with FEB Central it was my desire to follow the Lord and to lead other women to pursue Him with eagerness and a desire to learn." 

Please join me in thanking Jenn Martin for her dedication and praising God for her ministry to our churches.

Bob Flemming
Regional Director