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Conference Highlights

Conference 2020 and the Year of Firsts
This year has certainly been a year of firsts. For the first time in our lifetime, our churches have had to step away from in-person gatherings. This is the first time we've used the word "Zoom" as both a verb and a noun and, for some of our churches, it is the first time entering into the world of online services.

Here at FEB Central we have experienced our own set of firsts, including our first completely online Regional Conference. Normally we would take two days to sit under the teaching of a speaker, engage in thoughtful prayer and worship, and reconnect with our ministry friends. While we didn't have this same opportunity in 2020, there was something special about meeting online and hearing about how God has been at work in and through our churches. 

Here are a few highlights:
  • Church Planting Director Tom Haines shared some of the exciting news happening in church planting. He highlighted church planters Lendl & Mia Salangsang planting Life Church Pickering out of CABC in Scarborough.
  • Through our conference we raised a total of $1,545 for the Life Church Pickering and will continue to keep this fund open for a few more weeks; please contact Tammy Haines if you or your church would like to donate.
  • Leadership Development Director Tim Strickland reported on some significant revitalization projects happening, as well as leadership training for our churches and leaders. 
  • We celebrated that the Stronger Together campaign brought in a total of $853,992.65, and we praise God for this support. 
There were some changes to our ministry staff and churches in 2020 –– Jenn Martin stepped out of FEB Central Women's Ministry to pursue other ministry opportunities; Steve Adams (Church MInistry Consultant) and Brianna Hall (LD Ministry Assistant) joined the team. We welcomed eight churches into the Fellowship, and there are plans for more in the year to come.

With regard to the path forward, during our conference I spoke about the multiplication of ministry that is happening by mobilizing District Shepherds and using retired/semi-retired pastors to help strengthen our region. 

Rick Buck spoke briefly about his transition to Regional Director later this year, and it was wonderful to see the outpouring of affirmation from those who were on the call. 

I would like to thank each person who was present for the support you displayed in passing each of the business meeting motions unanimously. It is an encouragement to know that our churches and leaders are in agreement with the vision of where we are going as a movement of churches. 

Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for the opportunity to serve as Regional Director and to work with the Regional Board. Rhonda and I were moved by the video that the Board put together to bid us farewell. We loved reading your words of greeting in the comments as it played. 

Let's continue to press forward. This year of firsts will only grow more significant as our churches look for ways to innovate and create opportunities to share the message of Jesus Christ in the years to come. 

In Christ,

Bob Flemming
Regional Director