Next Gen Evangelism - Mike Racinksy
Next Gen Coordinator at FEB Central Ministries and Associate Pastor at Willowcreek Baptist Church, Midhurst

How do we reach the next generation for Christ? This workshop will present a biblical philosophy of ministry for engaging with an increasingly post-Christian culture.

Facility: Temple or Tool? - Steve Adams
Leadership Catalyst at FEB Central Ministries and Director of Adams & Co.

As churches explore new approaches to engaging their communities one of the most obvious and yet underutilized tools are our church facilities. We will explore opportunities and obstacles as you rethink your facility and decide whether it is a temple or tool.

Fishing Well: Effectively Reaching the Right People - Graeme Melvin
Church Planting Catalyst at FEB Central Ministries and Church Planter at The Meadows Church, Mississauga

In order to reach our neighbours, we need to think more like missionaries. Learn how to effectively reach out by first understanding how the gospel speaks to the unique, local context in which God has placed your church.

Healthy Church, Bountiful Harvest - Bob Flemming
Director of Church Health at FEB Central Ministries

Making disciples is the work of the church, but sometimes the church just isn’t working. In this workshop we’ll identify some classic church health issues and review markers of a biblically healthy church.

Four Tools to Help Create a Successful Volunteer Recruitment Plan - Kim Hutchins
Host of FOUR12 Canada

Recruiting new church volunteers is hard! Come learn a strategic plan to help with that process. Attend this workshop and you’ll leave with 4 practical ways to recruit volunteers.

Emerging Issues the Church Is Facing - Wyatt Graham
Executive Director of The Gospel Coalition Canada

This workshop will investigate emerging cultural trends the church is facing in areas of sexuality, social media, and technology.

The Unstuck Life: Becoming a Disciple-Making Church - Paul Sadler
Lead Pastor at Grace Baptist Church, Richmond Hill

Join us as we discuss how you can move your church from doing discipleship as a program to owning discipleship as your mission and becoming a disciple-making church. As part of the discussion, we will look at an online discipleship resource developed by Paul and the team at Grace called "The Unstuck Life".



A Church Leadership Development Plan - Jim Demarsh
Pastor at Milton Bible Church, Milton

We all know we need more leaders in the church, but how can we grow them effectively? Come and learn practical insights from the leadership development strategy that Milton Bible Church is implementing, that you can take home with you to your church.

The Self Care of Ministry Leaders - Doug Schmidt
Executive Director at Barnabas Ministries

Like a tire punctured with a nail, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual reserves of a ministry leader can be depleted leaving him/her completely "flat" and exhausted. Given this ministry reality, the self care of a ministry leader is not an option or luxury, but an absolute necessity for a long-lasting, life-giving and soul-filling ministry.

Working Towards a Biblical Sexuality - Laura Gobbels
Women’s and Prayer Ministry intern at Forward Church, Cambridge and B.Th student at Heritage College and Seminary

We will be diving into what Scripture says is the purpose of sexuality, discussing how to interact with current culture, and how, as a ministry worker, you can help someone work towards embracing a biblical sexuality.

The Importance of Evangelistic Preaching - Rick Buck
Regional Director at FEB Central Ministries

We will examine the significant role that evangelistic preaching plays in the mission of the church, and look at some practical tools to help pastors be more effective in this area of preaching.

Mission to Multiply - Tom Haines
Church Planting Director at FEB Central Ministries

In this workshop you will wrestle with key strategies for multiplying every ministry of your church with a view to multiplied gospel presence and impact in the community.

Engaging Your Community - Mark Hymus
Coordinator, EPIC and OnSide

Churches should be considered a vital part of the communities they are in. Join us as we look at purposeful and creative ways to engage your community.

Welcome & Integration - Dave Espeut

Every week God is sending newcomers to our churches, but are we ready to welcome and receive them? This workshop will present proven strategies for helping newcomers move towards faith in Christ, discipleship, and fruitful membership in the local church.


Understanding Behaviour and Special Needs: No Learner Left Behind - Grace Garcia, Don Togade
Grace is the Clinical Lead and Don is a Partner at Mindful Seeds

This workshop is designed to equip children's and youth leaders to create safe and effective learning environments for all learners. We will be teaching evidence-based strategies to ensure that children are ready to learn God's word. We are all made in God's image, therefore God's word should be accessible to all.

Reaching and Rejoicing: Evangelism in a Leader's Life - Rick and Linda Reed
Rick is the President at Heritage College & Seminary. Linda directs the Graduate Certificate for Women in Ministry and TESOL programs.

We, as leaders, often expect others to reach the lost with the gospel, without our example. In this seminar, the Reeds, from personal experience, will share various ways to increase personal outreach that bears fruit, increases our knowledge of God, and is strengthened by His power (Col 1:10, Acts 1:8). Jesus said, “that those who sow and reap may rejoice together” (John 4:36). Come join the joy of the harvest! 

Invitation: Faith Over Fear - Tim Teakle
National Director of Church Experience, Alpha Canada

When it comes to Evangelism, we often hit a road block before we even get started. The journey of transformation in someone's life begins with an invitation but sometimes simply engaging with others can be a daunting task. In this session we'll reframe the act of invitation and give some practical tips for how to help others find the courage to overcome their fear with faith!

Ten Keys to a Healthy Church Board - Marvin Brubacher
Canada Executive Director at MentorLink International

Having a healthy church board is essential to having a healthy church, but many boards struggle to find their way through the complexities of church leadership. Come learn ten keys to a healthy church board.

How to Lead Outreach in Church Revitalization - Tim Strickland
Leadership Development Director at FEB Central Ministries

Come and learn how a church can revitalize through focusing on outreach. This workshop will provide practical evangelism strategies for a church in the process of revitalization.

Stories of Community Engagement, Two Perspectives - Aaron Johnson and Dan Johnson
Church Planters at Cornerstone Church, Hensall and Anchor Hope Church, Port Dover 

Brothers Dan and Aaron Johnson will share their methods of evangelism in the different communities they serve.

Wills & Estates - Gord Baptist
Fellowship Advancement Director

It is important for all of us to plan for the future, including how to leave a godly legacy for family and ministry. This workshop will teach the essential steps to start preparing now.