Speaking Clarity into a Culture of Confusion - Wesley Huff
Wesley is the Central Canada Director for Apologetics Canada
We live in a post-Christian Canada where many of the attitudes and assumptions about who Christians are and what they believe have rapidly changed. While the culture will want to ascribe to being "secular," the ideals it holds as most valuable, like that of equality, compassion, consent, freedom, and progress, are at their core Christian ones. This talk will provide tools to help navigate speaking the hope of the gospel and the clarity of the Christian worldview into the culture of confusion we currently find ourselves in.

Finding the Right Hills to Die on: Dwayne Cline
President, Cline Consulting: Business Consulting and Services

We live in a day when Christians are labeling some convictions that are disputable as sound doctrine and some convictions that are heresy as disputable. How do we engage with other Christian leaders when we differ with their position and their labeling of it? How do we preach and teach in such a way that we can also help our people distinguish between doctrines they should hold tightly, convictions that are personal preferences and how to engage their friends who disagree with them?

Love and Hate? Cultivate a Godly Relationship between Pastors and the Board - Pierre Tang
Lead Pastor at North York Chinese Baptist Church

Never take the relationship within the church’s leadership for granted! This workshop will provide insights into cultivating a Godly relationship between pastors and the board through Biblical, cultural and pragmatic perspectives.

8 Habits for Growth - Darryl Dash
Sr. Pastor of Grace Fellowship Church, Don Mills  
Wondering how to grow and help other people grow? This workshop will provide a practical guide to building eight key habits in the Christian life, and in the life of your church.

Digital Discipleship - Joanna la Fleur
Executive Director of Word Made Digital and Marketing Director of Alpha Canada
Instagram. YouTube. Live streaming. Artificial Intelligence. Screen Addictions. We are navigating the biggest communications technology shift since the printing press. How do we reach and raise up followers of Jesus in the Digital Age? What are practical approaches and tools we need today? What theological and ecclesiological implications should we consider when technology is integrated into our relationships and churches?

Leading Change: Exploring the Impact of Effective Coaching - Cathie Lemmond
Cathie is a Life Coach and a Member at Heritage Baptist Church, Ancaster
Effective coaching evokes awareness resulting in change. We will clarify what coaching is (and isn't), the skills that are needed for an effective coaching conversation and the behavioural shift that leads to change. Come discover how effective coaching will impact you and others.

Welcome and Integration: How I Learned what NOT to Do - Kathy Slessor
Director of Integration at Emmanuel Barrie
Gospel-centred churches care very much about who is walking through their doors each week. We all WANT to be warm, welcoming and help people become part of the church family...but how do we actually do that? This workshop will share info, assessment tools and practical takeaways for both large and small churches.


Building Bridges: Navigating Pastoral Engagement with the LGBTQ+ Community - Mike Racinsky
Next Gen Catalyst - FEB Central Ministries
This breakout will be an open dialogue about Jesus-centered strategies in approaching the LGBTQ+ community. We will wrestle with our responsibility to speak the simple truth with the patient, selfless love of God.

Increasing Your Leadership Capacity: Where to Invest & What to Avoid - Tom Haines
Regional Director - FEB Central Ministries 
In this workshop, Regional Director Tom Haines will identify Biblical leadership principles and practices that will help to increase your capacity as a leader. He will also uncover a number of pitfalls to avoid on your leadership journey. This workshop will be insightful for leaders at all levels.

Help Wanted: Increasing Volunteers - Steve Adams
Leadership Development Catalyst - FEB Central/Consultant at Adams and Co.
Many churches are finding volunteer recruiting and retaining to be increasingly difficult. In this workshop we will look at some simple strategies and serious considerations to help unravel the world of volunteer engagement.

How to Lead an Engaging Bible Study - Jon & Lori Stairs
Jon & Lori love to teach God's word to others. Jon and Lori serve at Temple Baptist, Cambridge, where Jon is Lead Pastor.
Does preparing for and leading a Bible Study feel intimidating? It doesn’t have to be after learning a few basic principles in studying the Bible and preparing a lesson. Remember, God meant for His Word to be taught and understood and He will help you overcome so His Word will not return void. This is an opportunity for you to grow in your faith and the Word of God. This workshop endeavours to give you the basic tools to study and teach God’s Word.

Creating a Culture of Evangelism - Bill Hogg
National Director, Message Canada
Bill will talk about how can we elevate evangelism and turn up the evangelism heat in our congregations.

How to Develop A Vision for your Ministry - Tim Strickland
Leadership Development Director - FEB Central Ministries 
If you are leading a church or a ministry, you need vision for where you believe God wants you to go. Come and learn how to prayerfully and strategically develop a vision for your church or ministry.

Reproducing Church Plants: Anti-aging Treatment for Churches - Bechara Karkafi
ith Derik Fuller, Neil Chotai, Shawn Symons & Ben Mills.
Church planting establishes a new church, and it also breaths new life into an established church.  Bechara will share along with the church planting team and others leaders in our FEB Central movement who are producing and planting new churches as well as revitalizing their established churches. Let's strive together to reproduce church plants as anti-aging treatment for our churches until 'Every Man, Woman and Child belongs!!!


Giving: Moving from Pressure to Privilege: Bob Flemming
Director of Church Health - FEB Central Ministries
It was Martin Luther who said: ‘People go through three conversions: the conversion of their head, their heart, and their pocketbooks. Unfortunately, not all at the same time.’ Let’s talk about that awkward subject of money and giving. We’ll review a biblical perspective of our resources, what donors need to hear before they give, principles around the giving, and how we can cultivate a culture of generosity in our churches.

10 Tips for Great Rehearsals: Building Stronger Worship Teams Through Effective Rehearsals - Matt Kerr
Associate Pastor of Worship & Communications Pastor, Faith Baptist Church, Muskoka
Join worship pastor Matt Kerr as he walks through some helpful and practical steps to transform your rehearsals from simply "running through the music" into opportunities to foster a healthy team culture, increase your team's readiness for Sunday, and elevate your worship experiences.

Beautiful and Wise: Thriving as a Complementarian Woman - Linda Reed & Karen Heska
Linda is Director of Women's Ministries at Heritage College & Seminary. Karen is a Women's Ministry Leader at
 James North Baptist Church, Hamilton.
Building on a solid foundation of Scripture, we’ll seek to present the abundance found in using the “talents” Jesus has given each of us to serve Him in our homes, churches, and communities (Matt 25:29). With hearts to equip and encourage women, we believe God has given us a beautiful model that offers wisdom for our world today.

Creating a Culture that cultivates Church Revitalization - Alan & Kathy Butryn
Alan is Lead Pastor and Kathy is Director of Discipleship at the Bridge Church, Whitby
There is no magic bullet or secret formula for church revitalization. However, by God’s grace and with His guidance, we have found 3 key principles that have helped to cultivate a new church culture, deepen spiritual health, and build vibrant community. 

Next Level Leadership: Understanding Your Leadership Gifts - With Tim Strickland, Steve Adams, Mark Cuthbert, Jack Flietstra, and Dave Gray
Join us for a taste of the Next Level Leadership Network, with a session about understanding your Leadership Gifts. You will learn about the unique leadership design God has given you, and experience what it is like to be in FEB Central’s most popular leadership training network. The session will be led by members of the Next Level Leadership Network Teaching Team.

The Importance of Evangelistic Preaching - Rick Buck
Formerly FEB Central Regional Director
We will examine the significant role that evangelistic preaching plays in the mission of the church, and look at some practical tools to help pastors be more effective in this area of preaching.

Kim Beaman - Director of Children's Ministries, West Highland Baptist Church 
Diana Crosby - Children's Ministries, Riverside Baptist Church, Huntsville
How can you effectively lead from the position where God has placed you and influence leaders around you?  Explore some principles to enhance your leadership and multiply leaders on your team.   This workshop will come from the perspective of Children’s ministry leaders, but the principles will have application to ministries across the church.